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You will need to use Monmouthshire County Council’s Street Naming and Numbering service if you are:

  • A householder wishing to change the name of your property;
  • A householder wishing to add a name to your numbered property;
  • A developer of one or more new builds or conversions;
  • A householder experiencing problems with your address.

Street Naming and Numbering is important because it assists:

  • The emergency services to find a property without delay;
  • The reliable delivery of post, packages and other services;
  • Visitors to find their destination.

Please note that registering with either Council Tax or Elections does not make your address official; for your address to be recognised by Royal Mail and the emergency services, you need to follow the Street Naming and Numbering process.

Issues may arise due to the following and can create problems for residents:

  • In a rural setting, numerous properties are identified only by a name, often chosen generations ago when there may have been just a few cottages in a village. As these communities have grown, many of these long-established names are now shared with other properties in the vicinity;
  • One postcode can include as many as 100 properties, although on average, it tends to be around 15.

To mitigate these problems, the organisation responsible for managing street and address data (the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG)) has developed a number of rules; these will determine your address. Our guidance covers the most important aspects of these rules.

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