There may be any number of reasons why you might need a break from your caring responsibilities. These might include work, school, hobbies, family events or simply recharging your batteries. Respite can be tailored to your individual needs, be a regular or occasional arrangement, and can take place over a shorter or longer period of time.

Respite will be arranged in a way which best suits you and the person you look after and can take place at home, at a day centre, at a residential home, or in a number of increasingly creative ways. The main agencies which provide respite care for carers in Monmouthshire are:-

Monmouthshire Integrated Service Teams

  • Monmouth/Usk/Raglan – Tel: 01600 773041
  • Abergavenny – Tel: 01873 735885
  • Chepstow/Caldicot –  Tel: 01291 635666
  • Community Learning Disabilities Team – Tel: 01873 735455

Community Mental Health Teams

In the North of Monmouthshire

  • Team for Adults aged 18 to 64 – Tel: 01873 735548 / 735593
  • Team for Adults aged 65 or over – Tel: 01873 735508

In the South of Monmouthshire

  • Team for Adults aged 18 to 64 – Tel: 01291 636700
  • For Adults aged 65 and over – Tel: 01291 636593