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We’re making some temporary changes to make Caldicot safe for our communities to return and support our local shops and businesses. A fantastic marketing strategy has already started.

A 20mph zone will be introduced covering the whole of Caldicot, except the B4245, to create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

The town centre is already pedestrianised but vehicles do occasionally drive through the town centre. To improve pedestrian safety vehicle access into the town centre is to be controlled by barriers at each end of the centre. The improvements to The Cross presently underway include a set of barriers (and access is currently cut off by the construction site). Barriers are to be installed at the South end of the centre and will be controlled by county council and town council officers.

Feedback suggests that pedestrians would prefer that cyclists dismount when travelling through the town centre. Cycle stands will be provided at The Cross end of the town centre to encourage cycling to the town centre – but not through it ( cycle stands are already in place at the South end of the centre).

At the West End shops, new raised kerbs will be introduced to create defined vehicle entry and exit points, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

All of the changes are part of a trial. We will be seeking live feedback and we will tweak, add to, change or remove measures as appropriate. We will learn quickly and adapt as we go to improve based on feedback. If some of the changes are successful, we will consider making them permanent, following future consultation.