What time does my rubbish and recycling need to be out?
Please ensure all you’re recycling and rubbish is out on the kerbside by 7.00am on the morning of collection. Do not place rubbish or recycling out any earlier than the evening before your collection is due. This can result in unnecessary litter if your bags are ripped open.

Can I arrange for an assisted collection?
If you are elderly, disabled or struggle to take your waste to the kerbside, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange an assisted collection. We have to take into account steps, narrow or long driveways and access paths.

Why have I got more than one collection day?
We are reducing the number of collection vehicles that pass your house but collecting in separate compartments does restrict our ability to collect everything on the same day.

Why is there a 2 bag limit for rubbish?

  • At least 70% of household rubbish is recyclable.
  • We collect these materials every week in red and purple bags.
  • It is better for the environment.
  • It is cheaper to recycle household rubbish than it is to send it to an ‘energy from waste’ plant.
  • It makes more sense to spend diminishing council budgets on education and social care than dealing with unsorted household rubbish.

I have a large family – can I put out more than 2 bags?
Most households can manage with the two bag limit but if you are a large family, you can request a Recycling Officer visit who may be able to offer an extra allowance.

What about ash?
Ash can be bagged put in a small additional dustbin and we will collect it. Please make sure the ashes are cold and not too heavy for our crews to lift.

Can I have a wheeled bin?
No, Monmouthshire is a bag collection authority.