How many bags of nappies or hygiene waste can I place out for collection?
You may place out as many bags as you need, there is no restriction.

I only have a few nappies
Small quantities of nappies or hygiene waste can go in your black bag if you have room.

What can I put in the yellow bags?
Nappy waste and hygiene waste and related products such as wet wipes etc. But yellow bags that contain any household rubbish will not be collected.

Why don’t you recycle nappy waste?
Very few companies have recycling facilities for this type of waste and currently it is not cost effective for Monmouthshire.

Do you promote washable nappies?
Yes, Monmouthshire supports parents who choose to use washable nappies as they are better for the environment and can save parents hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of disposables.

Can you provide a sample to try?
Yes, we can provide a washable nappy sample for parents. To request a sample email us at

Do you offer discount to Monmouthshire parents buying a set of washable nappies?
Yes, we can offer a £30 discount when buying a birth to potty set through Little Treasures in Abergavenny.  Total cost around £130.