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Did you know workplace recycling is changing?

From 6 April 2024, it will become law for all businesses, charities and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling.

The Welsh Government is introducing this law to improve the quality and quantity of how we collect and separate waste.

Workplaces will need to separate the materials listed below for recycling. Workplaces will also need to arrange for the waste to be collected separately from other waste. 

  • paper and card
  • glass
  • metal, plastic, and cartons and other similar packaging
  • food – only for premises that produce more than 5kg of food waste a week
  • unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (sWEEE)
  • unsold textiles

Putting all your waste into a single bin will not be allowed if any of these materials are in there. 

Please follow this link for further information

Business Recycling Collection

We have multiple sizes of receptacles available for the minimum required separation as per the workplace recycling regulations. We can offer both weekly and fortnightly service across all recycling and waste streams.

The collection services that Monmouthshire offer are:

  • Red recycling (paper and cardboard)
  • Purple recycling (plastics and metals)
  • Glass
  • Food
  • Non-recyclable waste

Collection available through Homemakers Community Recycling for Unsold small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (sWEEE) and Unsold Textiles. Call 01873 857618 to book.

For more information:

Please be aware that any specific waste, for example, oil, clinical waste, or building rubble must instead be removed by a specialist contractor.

Duty of care

The Duty of Care Transfer Note is provided to customers for an annual charge of £40. To comply with your legislative duty you must have a Duty of Care Transfer Note. The duty of care cover both business recycling and waste collections, this covers the period April to March. This is a legal requirement and documentation should be kept for 2 years.

On signing a contract you will be required to pay a bond, the amount of which will relate to the number of bins and lifts per week that you have.

The customer is billed three months in advance, or to the start of the next billing period if you are new to the service.

A reminder of your legal obligations as a business, in relation to waste:

Any business or individual who produces, imports, keeps, stores, transports, treats or disposes of waste must take all reasonable steps to ensure the waste is managed properly. This requirement is specified in the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1990 and is known as “duty of care”. It also applies to anyone who acts as a broker and has control of waste. A breach of the duty of care could lead to a penalty of up to £5,000 if convicted in the Magistrates Court or an unlimited fine if convicted in the Crown Court.

You are responsible for your waste and should only pass it to an authorised person. Your duty does not end when you hand over the waste to the next holder. It extends along the entire chain of management of your waste. If you think that your waste is not being managed correctly you must take action.

Business recycling and waste charges per collection 2024/25

 Red recyclingPurple recyclingGlass recyclingFood recyclingNon-recyclable waste
1100l bin£16.11£29.23
660l bin£9.67£22.26
360l bin£4.83£4.83£18.53
240l bin£3.22£3.22£10.22£8.48£14.74
140l bin£5.30£6.32
Reusable sack/Box£1.50£1.50£1.50£1.50
Single use bag£3.24

A deposit equal to the customers quarterly charge will be payable on sign of the service, before the first collection. Deposit does not apply to ‘Small business package’ when paid annually.

Invoices are produced quarterly in advance.

Business rates do not include the charge for collection or disposal of business waste.

Small business package: 

1 X purple reusable sack, 1 x red reusable sack, 1 x glass box, 1 x 23ltr food caddy weekly.

2 x non-recyclable bags fortnightly.

£375 per year,  £93.75 per quarter, inclusive of WTN charge.

Container provision:

Red recycling, Purple recycling, Glass recycling must be presented loose within the containers provided.

Non-recyclable waste can be presented loose or bagged within the containers.  For customers using the single use non-recyclable bags or the ‘small business service’  green business waste bags will be provided and waste MUST be presented within these.  A small business package includes 52 single use business waste bags for a full year.

Business shredded paper needs to be contained inside a paper bag and within a red recycling receptacle.

Food waste must be bagged and not ‘loose within the provided container’ bags can be provided upon signing of an agreement.

Alternative Disposal

Facilities are available at Llanfoist and Five Lanes for the disposal of business waste.  This waste is chargeable and must be weighed in over the weighbridge.

  • Five Lanes: 01633 400394
  • Llanfoist: 01873 736261

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