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Dont forget your Photo ID

Without photo ID you will not be able to vote in this election

Notice of Poll

Notice of Election

Statement of Persons Nominated

Notice of Election Agents

Situation of Polling Stations

Elections to appoint the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent will be held on the 2nd May 2024.

Why do the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections matter?

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is to hold the police to account. 

PCC elections are held every 4 years.  

When it comes to PCC elections, there are 41 areas across Wales and England where 1 Commissioner is elected. In Monmouth you will be voting for the PCC to represent Gwent along with voters from Torfaen, Newport, Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent.

PCCs aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their police force area. 

When you vote in a PCC election, you get to choose who you think should hold Chief Constables and the police force to account in your area. More information on the role of the PCC is available here.

How do I know who is standing for election?

Details on the candidates who will be standing for election to the PCC will only be known after the 5th April 2024.

You can find out more about the candidates on the following link after this time: Choose My Police and Crime Commissioner (

How do I vote at the election?

On the 2nd May 2024, 90 polling stations will be open throughout Monmouthshire between 7am and 10pm. Provided you are registered to vote and are not registered to vote by post, you will receive a poll card by the 1st April 2024 which will tell you which polling station you are registered to vote at.


If you are not registered to vote, you will not be able to vote in the election

The deadline to register to vote in this election is the 16th April 2024

Under 18’s and Foreign Nationals are not eligible to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections as the election falls under UK legislation rather than Welsh Government legislation.

Not sure where your polling station is?

You can use the search tool below to help you find the location of your polling station and more information about it.

Voting by Post

If you are not going to be able to visit a polling station or would prefer to vote by other means then you can make alternative arrangements to vote by post, or appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf at your polling station. 

You can apply to vote by post online here – Please note you will need an electronic copy of your wet ink signature as well as your national insurance number in order to complete the application.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to complete a paper application you can request one by contacting the elections office on 01633 644212 or email

Postal votes will be dispatched in two tranches. Any elector who is registered for a postal vote by the 1 April 2024 can expect to receive their postal vote around the 20th April 2024. Anyone applying for a postal vote after this date can expect to receive their postal vote no later than the 26th April 2024. You will need to consider these dates when applying for a postal vote to ensure you are available to complete and return the postal vote to us.

Applications for voting by post must be submitted accurately by 5pm on the 17 April 2024.

Applications for voting by proxy must be submitted accurately to us by 5pm on the 24 April 2024.

A guide on how to complete and return your postal vote is included within your postal vote.

If you do not receive your postal vote as expected, a replacement cannot be issued until the 26th April 2024. We would recommend you visit County Hall, Usk bringing photographic ID with you, to obtain a replacement postal vote rather than rely on another to be posted to you given the close proximity to polling day.

Voters are encouraged to return their postal vote as soon as possible. Whilst it is still possible to hand deliver a postal vote to the polling station or to County Hall, Usk you will be required to complete a declaration form and will be limited to the number of postal votes you can deliver. Failure to complete this form will result in your vote being rejected.

Voter ID

For the first time in Wales, anyone voting in this election will need to provide photo ID in the polling station before they are allowed to vote.

More details on what ID is acceptable will be included on your poll card or is available by clicking here.

If you do not have any acceptable forms of photo ID, you can apply for a voter certificate. You will need to have submitted an application form for this by 24th April 2024.

Police Area Returning Officer (PARO)

The police area returning officer for this election is the Returning Officer for Caerphilly County Borough Council. More information on the PARO is available here.