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At Monmouthshire, we seek to work with applicants to support development and ensure that we have the best form of development possible. We may seek to make amendments to the proposals to make them more favourable and will contact you if we feel that the plans should be changed. Suggestions to amend your proposals may be made:

  • on the submission of the application
  • following a site visit from the case officer
  • by the request of a consultee or;
  • because of additional information or to overcome concerns made by a third party.

If the proposed scheme is amended depending on its scale, there may be a requirement to conduct further consultation with consultees and neighbour parties.

Amending the original submitted plans will add additional time to the decision making process, and may require us to extend the length of time we have to determine the application with you. If this is the case, we will write to you and request an extension of time to determine your application within a new agreed timescale.