Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP)
Preferred Strategy Consultation and Second Call for Candidate Sites

The Council has reached the Preferred Strategy stage of the RLDP process which is the first statutory consultation stage in the Plan preparation process

The overall aim of the Preferred Strategy is to:

  • Identify key issues, challenges and opportunities for the County
  • Develop a Vision and set of Objectives for the RLDP that respond to the key issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Set out the preferred level of growth (housing and employment) and broad spatial distribution of this growth
  • Set out the Strategic Policies that will deliver/implement the Strategy

We undertook statutory consultation on the Preferred Strategy along with the Initial Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment documents in July – August 2021 and this consultation closed on 31st August 2021. Please visit the Preferred Strategy page for more detailed information in relation to the consultation.

Second Call for Candidate Sites

A Second Call for Candidate Sites took place alongside the consultation on the Preferred Strategy . These sites will be logged and included in a Candidate Sites Register which will be published on the Candidate Sites page in due course.

Adopted LDP – Unimplemented Site Allocations in the Usk and Wye River Catchment Areas Phosphate levels in Water Quality

In response to new evidence about the environmental impacts of phosphate in watercourses Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have adopted tighter targets for the water quality of watercourses and have conducted an assessment of the 9 riverine Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) in Wales. This assessment has established that phosphorus breaches are widespread within Welsh SAC rivers with over 60% of waterbodies falling against the challenging targets set. In Monmouthshire it was identified that 88% of the River Usk and 67% of the River Wye river water bodies failed to meet the required target. As a result of this failure NRW have issued detailed planning guidance to ensure that the environmental capacity of the rivers does not deteriorate any further. 

The phosphate issue affects all current allocations within the Adopted Local Development Plan in the Usk and Wye River Catchment Areas that have not obtained planning permission. Further information is set out on a specific page dedicated to this matter.