Candidate Sites

As part of the replacement plan preparation process, the Council invited land-owners, developers and the public to put forward ‘candidate sites’ to be considered for development, redevelopment or protection in the Monmouthshire Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP).

Stage 1 of this process involved an Initial Call for Candidate Sites for a 16-week period from the 30th July 2018 to 19th November 2018.

Second Call for Candidate Sites

The Second Call for Candidate Sites took place alongside the consultation on the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) Preferred Strategy from the 5th July 2021 to 31st August 2021. The purpose of this was to allow the submission of new candidate sites considered to be in conformity with the Preferred Strategy, and the submission of additional supporting information for those sites submitted during the Initial Call for Sites that accord with the Preferred Strategy and satisfied the high-level assessment.

All sites submitted during the Second Call for Candidate Sites have been published in a Candidate Sites Register. Please note this is a new Candidate Sites Register, it updates and replaces the register published after the Initial Call for Candidate Sites.

The Register is for information purposes only – it is not a consultation document. Comments on the candidate sites will not be accepted at this stage.  There will be an opportunity to comment on the Register at a future stage of the RLDP process.

It is important to note that the submission of a candidate site and its inclusion in the Register should not be interpreted as a commitment that such sites will be taken forward into the Deposit RLDP. Not all Candidate Sites submitted for development will be needed to meet our future growth requirement. 

Candidate Sites Register (Electoral Wards from 5th May 2022*)

Candidate Site Guidance Notes

Guidance notes were made available to support the preparation of candidate site submissions during the Second Call for Candidate Sites.

*reforms to Monmouthshire County Council’s ward boundaries will take effect from the 2022 local government elections on 5th May.

Overarching Maps

Overarching Maps have been produced to show the range of sites across settlements/areas.

For details of site boundaries and the proposed use of each site please refer to the individual site in the Candidate Site Register using the Candidate Site reference number provided. 

Please note the overarching maps do not include all Candidate Sites submitted. For sites in the rural areas please refer to individual maps in the Candidate Site Register.