The Second Call for Candidate Sites took place from Monday 5th July to Tuesday 31st August.

Initial Call for Candidate Sites

The Council previously invited land-owners, developers and members of the public to submit ‘Candidate Sites’ that could be considered for inclusion for development, redevelopment and/or protection in the Monmouthshire Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP). This initial call for candidate sites closed on 19th November 2018. Candidate site submissions received during the initial call for sites (July – November 2018) remain valid. However, should you wish to continue to promote your site(s) through the RLDP process, you will need to submit more detailed information during the second call for sites.

All of the Candidate Sites submitted during the initial call are available to view in the Candidate Sites Register. The Register is simply a log of all of the Candidate Sites submitted and is for information purposes only. It is not a public consultation document.

Monmouthshire Replacement LDP Candidate Sites Register (February 2019)

Second Call for Candidate Sites Update

The Second Call for Candidate Sites was undertaken alongside the consultation on the RLDP Preferred Strategy. We asked site promoters who submitted sites during the initial call, wishing to progress their sites, for additional information providing these sites satisfied the initial high level assessment and were considered to be in conformity with the Preferred Strategy, a Review of Candidate Sites against the Preferred Strategy was also made available to support Site Promoters.

The Second Call for Candidate Sites also provided an opportunity to submit additional (new) Candidate Sites, providing developers, landowners and members of the public consider that these sites are in conformity with the Preferred Strategy.

Candidate Sites submitted at the Second Call for Candidate Sites will be subject to a full assessment prior to consideration for inclusion in the RLDP. There will be an opportunity to comment on site allocations at the Deposit Plan stage.

Further details of the candidate sites process is set out in the Candidate Sites Assessment Methodology (July 2018).

Supporting Information

The guidance notes below were made available on some of the key assessments needed to support Candidate Site submissions.

Ecological Site Assessments of Candidate Sites

Consideration of the Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land

Viability Guidance Note June 2021

Tackling Climate Change Candidate Sites Advice Note 

Landscape Sensitivity Study

Housing Mix Guidance Note

Viability Assessment

The Council’s preference for viability assessments is to utilise the Development Viability Model (DVM) which can be made available to developers, site promoters, or any other individual/organisation, for the purpose of undertaking a financial viability appraisal (FVA) of a proposed development. The DVM has been created as a comprehensive, user-friendly model that can be used by site promoters and decision makers for the purpose of assessing the financial viability of a development proposal.  Further information can be found on the Development Viability webpage.

Candidate Site Advice Service

This service ran until the close of the Second Call for Candidate Sites on 31st August 2021. Further details of this service are available here.