Initial Call for Candidate Sites

The Council previously invited land-owners, developers and members of the public to submit ‘Candidate Sites’ that could be considered for inclusion for development, redevelopment and/or protection in the Monmouthshire Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP). This initial call for candidate sites closed on 19th November 2018.

All of the Candidate Sites submitted during the initial call are available to view in the Candidate Sites Register. The Register is simply a log of all of the Candidate Sites submitted and is for information purposes only. It is not a public consultation document.

Monmouthshire Replacement LDP Candidate Sites Register (February 2019)

Second Call for Candidate Sites Update

The Second Call for Candidate Sites commenced on 9th March 2020. However, in light of the Minister’s letter, (see current consultations page) candidate site submissions will not be accepted whilst we are undertaking a review of the RLDP evidence base, strategy and policies. Candidate site submissions will need to have regard to any relevant updated evidence that may emerge through this process. The Revised Delivery Agreement will set out the amended deadline for candidate site submissions (minimum of 6 weeks following the publication of the Revised Delivery Agreement) and we will notify you of this as soon as we are able. Please check the Planning Policy website for any updates.

The Stage 2 form contains criteria to assist us in assessing the suitability of sites for inclusion as allocations in the RLDP.  Candidate Site submissions must answer all of the questions set out in the form.  If there is a realistic prospect of site delivery within the Plan period, then it is expected that these questions can be addressed.

A Stage 2 form for submitting a candidate site can be downloaded here.  There is guidance. available on how to complete the form.

Given the current circumstances, the Planning Policy Team are working remotely and therefore request candidate site submissions, including supporting information/studies, to be submitted via email to:

However, as detailed above we will not accept candidate site submissions whilst we are undertaking a review of the RLDP evidence base, strategy and policies. Please see our current consultations web page for further information

Please note that the information provided cannot be treated as confidential and all Candidate Sites submitted will be available for public inspection.

The candidate sites submitted at this stage will be subject to a full assessment prior to consideration for inclusion in the Replacement LDP. There will be an opportunity to comment on site allocations at the Deposit Plan stage. Further details of the candidate sites process is set out in the Candidate Sites Assessment Methodology (July 2018). An Overview of the Candidate Sites Process is also available to view here.

Guidance is available on some of the key assessments that will be needed in support of Candidate Site submissions.

Ecological Site Assessments of Candidate Sites

Consideration of the Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land

Viability Evidence

Development and Climate Change

Landscape Sensitivity Study