It’s been a tough 18 months for everyone. We have lived apart for too long. We change that now. This strategy is centred on bringing people safely back together by supporting friendship circles, neighbourhoods and communities to feel safe, confident and happy together.

OUR Purpose

We want Monmouthshire to once again be an ambitious place full of hope and enterprise. We want your county to be a fair and sustainable place where people care about each other and you feel safe. We want Monmouthshire to be a place you are proud to call home.

OUR Values


We are open and honest. People have the chance to be involved and tell us what matters. Fairness We provide opportunities for people and communities to thrive. We will always try to treat everyone fairly and consistently.


We are flexible, enabling delivery of the most effective and efficient services. This means a genuine commitment to working with everyone to embrace new ways of working.


We will work with you and our partners to support and inspire everyone to get involved. We’ll make the best of the ideas and resources available to make sure we do the things that most positively impact our people and places.

Our design principles

  • Working with and alongside local communities
  • Being innovative and creative
  • Learning and adjusting in real time
  • Keeping our communities and people safe
  • Being kind

OUR Strategic aims

  • Provide clear and purposeful civic leadership
  • Promote Monmouthshire as a beautiful destination for visits and staycations
  • Champion the interests of local businesses
  • Market our town centres as wonderful places to shop or spend time with friends
  • Encourage people to be active and improve their health, fitness and general wellbeing
  • Provide direct support to those suffering from loneliness, hardship and loss
  • Ensure all vulnerable young people and adults are safeguarded
  • Ensure quality teaching and learning is available for all learners
  • Decarbonise our own operations and help communities take positive action on climate change
  • Maintain a competent, motivated organisation with the capability and capacity to deliver

What we are doing

  • Taking care of our workforce so they can support you
  • Ensuring our democratic process is fully operational
  • Communicating clearly with you and always representing your interests to others
  • Improving infrastructure by fixing roads, investing in active travel, 20mph zones and high-speed broadband
  • Having a summer full of outdoor activities for children and young people
  • Promoting and protecting our natural environment to encourage walking and outdoor sports
  • Improving our leisure centres in Abergavenny, Caldicot and Chepstow
  • Helping local businesses trade successfully and safely
  • Creating employment/apprenticeships for local people
  • Protecting / promoting our environment and ecology through investment and carbon reduction activity
  • Introducing Repair Cafes and Library of Things to increase sharing and re-use of everyday items
  • Prioritising our excellent Test, Trace & Protect System
  • Providing support and creating opportunities for volunteers making a difference in their community
  • Maintaining social care services including child protection, support at home and residential care
  • Ensuring learners are prepared for the assessment processes that replace GCSE, AS level or A level examinations in 2021
  • Preparing schools for the new curriculum that will be launched in 2022