The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to our way of life. By clearly setting our strategic aims we will focus on the things that matter most to our residents and businesses, shaping our immediate response and our transition into a re-launch.

Our Purpose

To protect life and support our communities to be sustainable and resilient in these challenging times.

Our Values


We are open and honest. People have the chance to be involved and tell us what matters.


We provide opportunities for people and communities to thrive. We will always try to treat everyone fairly and consistently.


We are flexible, enabling delivery of the most effective and efficient services. This means a genuine commitment to working with everyone to embrace new ways of working.


We will work with you and our partners to support and inspire everyone to get involved. We’ll make the best of the ideas and resources available to make sure we do the things that most positively impact our people and places.

Our Design Principles

  • Working with and alongside local communities
  • Being innovative and creative
  • Learning and adjusting in real time
  • Considerate of short-term response and medium-term recovery

What We Are Doing

  • Ensure that every person or family in crisis that we’re aware of receives support
  • Provide vital social care services for all those who need them, including child protection, care at home and residential care, 24/7
  • Deliver our part in COVID contact testing, tracing and community surveillance
  • Provide hub schools enabling childcare for key workers’ children
  • Provide digital technology and connectivity so all pupils can access learning, minimising any potential digital ‘gap’
  • Ensure all our staff who have the need can access the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Provide access to emergency food parcels for shielded people who cannot leave home
  • Coordinate community volunteering and support local food banks
  • Support local businesses wherever possible and specifically through timely payment of COVID-19 grants
  • Reconfigure our services so we can continue domestic waste and recycling collections
  • Keep our roads and cemeteries safe by maintaining our levels of grounds maintenance
  • Maximise our use of technology so our organisation can keep delivering the thing that matter
  • Influence and inform legislation changes so we can work effectively in our new context