This page is a summary of plans to make the Severnside area better. You can also view the Seven for Severnside Plan.

We want to hear from locals about what they think of our plan to improve the region – a survey and contact details are at the end of this page.


We want to help people in Monmouthshire to get more involved in creating a county to be the way they want it. One way we are trying to do this is with a Plan for Severnside.

Severnside includes as a region includes:

  • Caerwent
  • Caldicot
  • Rogiet
  • Magor
  • Portskewett
  • And the areas between these towns and villages

We think that looking at this patch as a whole will help us to come up with a more useful and meaningful plan to make it a better place for those who live, work and come to the area.

There is  already lots of work going on that will improve and benefit the Severnside area and the actions included in this plan will show us how we can draw from and build on current programmes and projects that are proposed or underway in Severnside.

The intention of this plan is to focus in on the initiatives that have the greatest potential to bring about positive change so we can concentrate our efforts in the best places.

We are calling the plan Severn for Severnside because there are seven things that we want for Severnside:

Severnside Community Campus

  • A new campus in Caldicot for secondary education, adult learning, community facilities and services
    The campus will be located close to Caldicot town centre and the new superstore. The new campus could be established in 2016

Caldicot town centre regeneration

  • A new superstore with improved environment around the store that integrates with the town centre.
    A partnership will be developed to continue to revive the town centre

Welcome to Severnside

  • Capitalise on Severnside’s position as a gateway to Wales and on its environment and heritage
    This will include: development of Caldicot Castle and Country Park; developing the use of the Wales coast path and a festival of the coast; a landmark near Magor encouraging short-stay traffic in the local area and developing what visitors find in the motorway services at Magor; targeted business development support to visitor-orientated business

Better homes in Severnside

  • Working with the community, town council and Monmouthshire Housing Association to regenerate and remodel estates and improve the environment in residential areas

Enterprising Severnside

  • Building on the area’s economic strengths and creating the conditions for new enterprise
    This will include supporting infrastructure development for high-quality broadband and flexible accommodation; helping develop new business; training and encouraging business skills in local people

Strategic opportunities in Severnside

  • Making the most of what we’ve got in the area. To develop the two largest strategic development sites in the areas at Crick Road and Rockfield Farm are getting the right housing and other building here so that it has a positive impact on the area as a whole

Making a better Severnside

  • Getting the right people together and having the right ways of doing things to make this work
  • A project board and plan will be put together to oversee and be passionate about making the right changes

You can also ask questions or comment on Twitter @MonmouthshireCC.