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Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG)

How to organise a safe and legal event

If you’re organising a large event you will need to (1) seek advice from the relevant authorities or agencies and complete the Event Notification Form, (2) carry out risk assessments and (3) identify measures to ensure the safety of those attending the event and those being employed or volunteering to set up and run the event on the day.

The documents to be uploaded in support of the Event Notification Form to ESAG, is dependent on the type of event and may include:

  • Event Management Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Child Safety Policy
  • Event\Site Layout Plans.
  • Route map (if not single location, e.g. cycle race).
  • List of Stewards
  • List of Food Traders and No Food Traders
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Plan\drawings of temporary structures

It is very important to plan early, especially if you anticipate that there may be issues around licensing, closing a road, insurance, food safety, etc. Some of these issues, in particular road closures and licensing are subject to time constraints.

Event Planning And Counter Terrorism Considerations

The threat from terrorism is real and unfortunately increasingly unpredictable, with public spaces and crowded areas being an attractive target for terrorists.  We would like you to consider what ‘you’ can do to reduce your risk and mitigate against the impact of such an attack.  As such, we recommend you carry out the ACT Awareness e-Learning on counter terrorism.

Guidance on Event Planning and Counter Terrorism Consideration can be found here.

Licensing Information

If your event involves alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshments (hot food and drink served between 11p.m. – 5a.m.) and the event is under 499 people (including staff) you need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice. If the event is over 500 people you need to apply for a Premises Licence

Further information on all aspects of licensing is available in the Licensing area of the website.

Food Safety

Further Information is available in the food hygiene area of the website or from the Food Standards Agency.

Traffic Management & Road Closures

The Event Safety Advisory Group includes representative from Highways/Traffic Management from the Council & Heddlu Gwent Police who can offer advice to event organisers on planning their event and to minimise any impact on the public highway.

Should you require any further information about traffic management, road closures, or wish to enquire about the current status of any existing road closure applications, please refer to the Highways area of the website. You may require an Embargo to prevent utility companies digging up the road at your event, for more information on this refer to the Street Works area of the website.

Useful links for Event Organisers

Health and Safety Executive – Running an event safely.

Health and Safety Executive – The Event Safety Guide (Second Edition)

Counter Terrorism – Crowded Places Guidance

Health and Safety Executive – Organising Fireworks Displays

Department of Culture, Media and Sports – Safety at sports grounds

Race Course Association – Guide to Safety at Racecourse

Contact the Licensing Team:

Licensing Section, Abergavenny Youth and Community Centre, Old Hereford Road, Abergavenny, NP7 6EL.

01873 735420