What businesses can open and trade?

For a full list of business closures please visit –

There will be changes as follows, on the 3rd August provisions to allow Cafes/Restaurants/Bars/Clubs trade indoors.  Social distancing must be maintained and only one household or that households extended household may share a table. All businesses who trade on the highway must complete an application for a pavement licence under the Highways Act.  Please apply via My Monmouthshire – the icon on the bottom right of this page.

Can I see official guidance?

The Welsh Assembly Government have confirmed this guidance has been agreed by the Welsh Ministers and the Chief Medical Officer for Wales –

Can my toilets be used?

Yes and you should open these facilities to customers if you are providing on sale consumption of food and drink.  Please view government guidance on toilets –

Can customers order inside?

The guidance states table service only where reasonable and practicable. Each business should conduct its own risk assessment and if allowing ordering at a till/bar there must be social distancing provisions in place for the queuing area. Consumption of food and drink must be at tables or standing around tall tables only.  No customers may gather/ linger in groups stood up and staff should show customers to a table as soon as possible.  Table service is preferred.

Asking for contact details

If pre-booked take name and contact number of the lead person making the booking.  With walk-ins, when the member of staff shows a group of customers to a table or they approach to take the order take name and contact number of the lead person in that group.  If using an app service for table service, check the app records the contact details provided by the customer.  If they chose to give you false details, that is not your fault.  Every attempt to assist Test, Trace, Protect to prevent a local lockdown in the future is appreciated.  The Information Commissioners Officer have confirmed this is suitable under General Data Protection Regulations, for more information please visit –


Background recorded music is permitted only.  Despite being guidance only, the danger for you/customer/staff is increased the higher the volume of the music.  The higher the volume the more likely customers and staff will shout to be heard and close the gap to be heard over the music.  Live bands must not be booked for customers entertainment during these times.  Hopefully this will be a temporary measure.


Gazebos, marquees, parasols and other shelters are permitted if there is three or preferable four open sides.  The sides open increase fresh air and help kill any virus on any surfaces.  We recommend parasols be put down when a table is not in use to allow sunlight to help kill the virus, allow customers the choice to have it up or down or to sit inside or outside if possible.  Lighter coloured coverings allow more light to pass through, therefore lighter shaded material is preferred to dark coverings.

Do I need to do a risk assessment?

Yes, see our template risk assessment –

Previous risk assessments for indoor only areas should be reviewed if trading indoors from the 3rd August. Premises are reminded to set a maximum capacity limit for the inside areas. If you have an outdoor trading area ensure all the outdoor customers do not rush inside when weather changes unless there is sufficient space inside to accommodate them in line with social distancing.  Premises should provide the risk assessment to staff and the guidance asks you to make it available to customers.  Premises may consider publishing it on the website.

Can Taxis keep working?

Yes transport providers have not been required to stop trading. Customers are required to wear a face covering on public transport including taxis.

Can I provide a takeaway or off-sale service?

Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants may provide a food takeaway service or home delivery service, if you decide to offer this service please ensure the delivery driver has checked with their vehicle insurance provider, you may require business use.  If your venue holds a premises licence that includes Late Night Refreshment you may trade during the hours on your licence.  If no Late Night Refreshment is authorised by the current licence the premises must close by 11pm.  Please ensure you are all registered to supply food and contact or telephone 01873 735420.l

What if I do not follow the restrictions?

Businesses that breach the restrictions will be subject to prohibition notices, and potentially unlimited fines. As a further measure, and if needed, businesses that fail to comply could also face the loss of their alcohol license or individuals may face the loss of a personal licence. Please comply to help prevent the spread of covid-19.

How long will the closure measures take place?

The Government has announced these measures will be reviewed and will remove these measures as soon as it is safe to do so, guided by scientific advice.

For more information

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Licensing : or telephone 01873 735420

Environmental Health : or telephone 01873 735420