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Building a sustainable and supportive network for public service innovators has been a key objective of the Infuse programme. The importance of being able to reach out to and collaborate with like-minded individuals can be imperative when delivering innovation in the public sector.

“The aim of the Infuse Alumni is to build a supportive innovation network with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. It is about bringing sharp minds together in one space to look at the future, to look at what could be, and how we get there.”

Owen Wilce

Infuse Programme Manager

Infuse Alumni Network

Infuse has consistently brought alumni members from the different cohorts together at events and by using digital tools. With the aim of building a long-term interactive support network around individual innovators. Members represent organisations from across the region, all bring different expertise and perspectives.

  • 117 associates from cohort alpha, one, two and three, across the Cardiff Capital Region.
  • Development of steering group to maintain focus of alumni network.
  • Maintaining collaborative working.
  • Celebrate diversity of perspectives and opinions.
  • Maximise and develop learning from Infuse programme.

Internal Alumni

One example of how internal networks are working is in Caerphilly County Borough Council. Caerphilly have identified the opportunity to keep their colleagues who have completed Infuse together and supported. In addition, connecting the Infuse Alumni with key strategic challenges across the county to apply their innovation tools, methods and mindsets. Relationships have been built and a supportive culture has been the focus.

  • Meetings every 6 weeks.
  • Associates from cohorts one, two & three.
  • Actively involved Infuse champion.
  • Buy in from Corporate Management Team, helping to remove barriers and provide project focus.
  • Acting as a ‘think tank’ for projects and strategic challenges.
  • Maximising, developing and sharing the learning from Infuse across Caerphilly.

If you are an associate from the Infuse programme and would like to access the alumni group please follow this link or contact

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