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Appointment of an Independent Member to the Standards Committee

· Do you have an interest in standards of conduct in public life?
· Are you inquisitive, and can you consider issues objectively and impartially?
· Can you weigh up conflicting evidence and reach a fair conclusion?
· Can you work as part of a team and demonstrate good communication skills?
· Do you have respect for others and an understanding of diverse ethical issues?
· Can you critically evaluate and comment on written reports?

If the answer is yes to these would you like to become an independent member of the Council’s Standards Committee? It comprises 5 independent members, 3 County Councillors and a Community Council representative. The Standards Committee serves a vital role in maintaining the highest ethical standards at County and Community Council levels. Its functions include advising the Council and its members in the adoption, monitoring, operation, enforcement and review of various local codes of conduct and other ethical guidance.

Unfortunately, the following CANNOT in law be an independent member:
· A serving Councillor or Officer (or the spouse or civil partner of a Councillor or Officer) of Monmouthshire County Council, any other County or County Borough Council, a Fire Authority, a National Park Authority, or a Community/Town Council
· Former Councillors or Officers of Monmouthshire County Council
· Former councillors or Officers of any other County or County Borough Council, Fire Authority, or National Park Authority until at least one year after ceasing to be a Councillor/Officer of that Authority.

The Council has further agreed that independent members should not have or have had significant previous dealings with the Council which might compromise their impartiality.

Independent members are appointed for a period of between 4 and 6 years and may be appointed for one further consecutive term. The Standards Committee meets at least four times each year, although independent members will need to have flexibility as to availability since the Committee sometimes has to be called for unscheduled meetings at a few days’ notice. Meetings can be attended in person or remotely (online).

From May 2023, Independent members will be entitled to a fee of £210 for 4 hours and over and £105 for up to 4 hours and travel and subsistence payments as appropriate. The Chair of the committee (elected annually) will receive a fee of £268 for 4 hours and over and £134 for up to 4 hours. Care and personal assistance allowances are also available.

For more information or an informal chat, please contact James Williams, Chief Officer Law and Governance via or the Chair of the committee Richard Stow via An application form can be obtained from: OR Legal Services –
Standards Committee Recruitment
Monmouthshire County Council
County Hall
NP15 1GA

Closing Date: Friday 19th April 2024