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There are a number of Affordable Housing Schemes in Monmouthshire which are delivered by our Registered Social Landlord partners: Melin, Monmouthshire Housing Association (MHA), Pobl & United Welsh.

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Access to all forms of Affordable Housing is through Monmouthshire Homesearch.

The Common Housing Register

All of Monmouthshire’s rented affordable housing is allocated through the Common Housing Register run by Homesearch. To access Homesearch you will need to register, which you can do here (click here to link to Homesearch website).

Once you are registered you will be placed into a band determined by your level of housing need. You can then look at properties available to rent across all of our affordable housing partners and place bids.

When allocating housing, the following areas will be taken into consideration:

• Local connection to Monmouthshire.

• Savings or earnings over a certain level.

• Owning a home or having financial interest in a property.

• Your household needs and risks.

There is a significant shortage of affordable housing properties to rent in Monmouthshire. You may find it quicker to look for accommodation in the Private Rented Sector.