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Reservation of a grave space

It may be possible to reserve a particular plot within a cemetery. As this is such a complex area, please contact the relevant Community Hub (Abergavenny, Caldicot, Chepstow, Monmouth or Usk) for further guidance.

Putting a headstone or memorial on a grave

All headstones and memorials must be installed in our cemeteries by a registered memorial mason. Additional inscriptions on headstones and memorials must also be carried out by a registered memorial mason.

All headstones and memorials will be permitted with specific maximum dimensions.

More information is available for memorial masons who would like to register with the council.

Size of headstones and memorials

Memorials will be permitted within the following maximum dimensions:

Plinth – 914mm x 508mm x 102mm (above ground)
Headstone – 1068mm x 762mm x 153mm

Additional items may be permissible (upon application) but must be sited entirely within the curtilage of the plinth.

Tablets within the cremated remains area should be 457mm x 457mm x 51mm. Additional items may be permissible (upon application) but will be limited in number to one vase (or flower container) and in size, to fit within a 203mm cube. If agreed the vase must be placed towards the top of the tablet and centred.

Memorial mason registration scheme

With a view to achieving high standards in memorial installation, the council has established a registration scheme. Memorial masons must belong to this scheme before carrying out any work on headstones and memorials in council cemeteries.

How to register as a memorial mason

If you wish to register as a memorial mason you will be required to print and complete the application form and the health and safety questionnaire and return to Chepstow community hub.

Your application will then be assessed and you will be informed of the outcome. If you are accepted your details will be added to our list of registered memorial masons.

You should not carry out any work in a council cemetery until you have been informed that you have been registered under the council’s scheme and you have been issued with a permit for the work that is to be done.

Headstone and memorial safety

With a view to ensuring the safety of users of its cemeteries, the council has in place an ongoing program of safety, testing headstone and memorials within the cemeteries.

Worried about a headstone?

If you are concerned about the safety or stability of a headstone, please contact the relevant  community hub where an officer will be able to provide you with advice.

Testing procedures

The procedures for the safety testing of headstones has been approved by the council’s Cabinet.