General Election Results can be found here

A General Election will be held on the 12 Decmeber 2019. Due to the short notice of this election, you should expect to receive information relating to this poll later than you would for other elections and use the information below to plan your voting arrangements accordingly.

Over 90 polling stations will be open throughout Monmouthshire between 7am and 10pm on 12 December 2019 to enable you to cast your vote. However, you must be included on the electoral roll to cast your vote. Every elector registered on the electoral roll who is eligible to vote will be sent a poll card – this will tell you which polling station you are allocated to and how to cast your vote. You should receive your poll card by the 22nd November 2019 which does not leave much time to make alternative voting arrangements should you need to. If you do not receive your poll card by the end of this date contact us on 01633 644212 to ensure you are registered.

Registering to Vote

If you want to vote at this election you must ensure you have registered to vote. Please register now if you have not already done so. You can register online at and will need your national insurance number and date of birth in order to complete the registration process.

Applications to register must be received by 26 November 2019.

Voting by Post or Proxy

If you are not going to be able to visit a polling station on polling day to cast your vote then you can make alternative arrangements to vote by post or proxy (where someone is appointed to vote on your behalf). More information on voting by post or proxy including application forms is available or alternatively you can contact the elections office on 01633 644212 or email Applications can be returned as scanned images to the above email address or by post to Electoral Registration, Monmouthshire County Council, County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk, NP15 1GA.

Postal votes will be dispatched in two tranches. Any elector who had registered for a postal vote before 30th October 2019 will receive their postal vote around the 29 November 2019. Any elector applying to vote by post after 30th October 2019 should expect to receive their postal vote around 2 December 2019. You will need to consider these dates when applying for a postal vote to ensure you receive your postal ballot paper should you be away on holiday.

Applications for voting by post must be submitted accurately by 5pm on the 26 November 2019.

Applications for voting by proxy must be submitted accurately by 5pm on the 4 December 2019.

A guide on how to complete your postal vote is included with your postal vote.

If you do not receive your postal vote, a replacement cannot be issued until 6 December 2019. We would recommend you visit County Hall, Usk, bringing photographic ID with you, to obtain a replacement postal vote rather than rely on another to be posted to you given how close to polling day it is.

What and who am I voting for?

Political Parties and Independent candidates wishing to stand for election will submit nomination papers, including the details of individual candidates, to the Returning Officer by 4pm on 14 November 2019. At 5pm on that day, a full list of those who will be standing for election will be published on this webpage.