The Food Hygiene Rating scheme has been introduced by over 200 authorities across Britain to allow local people to choose the places in which they eat out and from which they purchase food wisely, and to encourage local businesses to improve hygiene standards.

The national scheme was launched on the 1st October 2010 in Monmouthshire with the support of the Food Standards Agency.

Under this scheme food outlets such as cafes and shops are given a hygiene score based on the findings of routine inspections carried out by local authority officers. These scores can be displayed by businesses where consumers can see it. Scores are also available via the Food Standards Agency web site.

You can search for Monmouthshire based food businesses that have been rated so far. Please remember not all food businesses will have been given a score yet, numbers will increase over the coming months

What it means for consumers

This scheme is designed to protect consumers, by showing them the hygiene standards of the shops, cafes and pubs where they buy or eat food.

Good food premises will be proud to display their Score on the Door, whilst poor premises will be unable to hide because their details will be available on both local and national web site.

Further information on the scheme can be obtained from the Food Standards Agency web site at or Contact Environmental Health Department.