What can Flying Start provide for me and my young child?

Living in a Flying Start area will give you access to a wide range of services with the aim of giving your child a flying start in life including:

  • Flying Start enhanced Health Visiting support
  • Support for parents at home from the antenatal period through to 3 years of age that might include sleep routines, home safety, toileting, breastfeeding and nutrition/weaning, child development and early learning.   Flying Start also offers a range of Incredible Years
  • Early language support including Chatty Chimps and Talking Tots
  • Part-time high quality childcare for children aged 2 to 3 years of age at Flying Start playgroups.  This provision costs £2,340 for 12.5 hours each week for 39 weeks but is funded on your behalf by the Welsh Government when taken up as part of the full Flying Start offer

How old must my child be to access Flying Start?

Flying Start support starts during pregnancy and will continue until your child’s 4th birthday

Where does Flying Start operate?

In order to qualify for Flying Start services, you must be able to provide evidence that you live in one of the following postcodes:


NP7 6DE, NP7 6DF, NP7 6DG, NP7 6DH, NP7 6DN, NP7 6DP, NP7 6DR, NP7 6DT, NP7 6DU, NP7 6DW

NP7 6EH, NP7 7DD, NP7 7RS, NP7 6AP, NP7 6AS, NP7 6AT

NP7 6AU, NP7 6AX, NP7 6AY, NP7 6BA, NP7 6BB, NP7 6BD, NP7 6BE, NP7 6EU, NP7 6EY, NP7 6HA

NP7 6HB, NP7 6HD, NP7 6HE, NP7 6HF, NP7 6HG, NP7 6HL, NP7 6HN, NP7 6HP, NP7 6HS, NP7 6HW

NP7 6PH, NP7 6PL, NP7 6PN, NP7 6PP, NP7 6AJ, NP7 6AQ

Monmouth – Overmonnow

NP25 5BQ, NP25 5EA, NP25 5EF, NP25 5EG, NP25 5EH, NP25 5EZ, NP25 5TQ, NP25 5TS, NP25 5UH

NP25 5EY, NP25 5TN, NP25 5TR, NP25 5UA, NP25 5UB, NP25 5UD, NP25 5UE, NP25 5UF, NP25 5UG

NP25 5UJ, NP25 5AN, NP25 5AW, NP25 5AX, NP25 5AY, NP25 5BD, NP25 5EW, NP25 5EX, NP25 5BG

NP25 5BN, NP25 5AJ, NP25 5AQ, NP25 5AG, NP25 5AL, NP25 5NN

Monmouth – Wyesham

NP25 3JY, NP25 3JZ, NP25 3LA, NP25 3LL, NP25 3LB, NP25 3LE, NP25 3LF, NP25 3LG, NP25 3JN,

NP25 3LD, NP25 3JW, NP25 3NE, NP25 3NF, NP25 3JR, NP25 3JQ, NP25 3TF


NP16 5AR, NP16 5AS, NP16 5QF, NP16 5RU, NP16 5RW, NP16 5TR, NP16 5TS, NP16 5TT, NP16 5TU

NP16 5SW, NP16 5SY, NP16 5NS, NP16 5NT, NP16 5NX, NP16 5NY, NP16 5QL, NP16 5QP, NP16 5QR

NP16 5QS, NP16 5TP, NP16 5AA


NP26 4DZ, NP26 4EA, NP26 4EB, NP26 4ED, NP6 4DZ, NP6 4EA, NP6 4ED, NP26 4AE, NP26 4GU

NP26 4JN, NP26 4JU, NP26 4JW, NP26 4JY, NP26 4LG, NP26 4LB, NP26 5GA, NP26 5GB, NP26 5LS

NP26 5LT

How and when can I register for Flying Start?

Your Health Visitor will visit you when your new baby arrives and will complete a registration form with you.  If you move into a Flying Start area with your child, your GP will allocate you a Flying Start Health Visitor if you are eligible who will register you into the programme.  If you are unsure if you are eligible or have not yet been allocated a Flying Start Health Visitor, please contact us.

Your Health Visitor will also register your child for Flying Start childcare when they visit you.  You will be asked to complete and sign a childcare registration form prior to your child turning two years old. 

Where can my child go to playgroup?

Childcare is provided at:

Abergavenny – Cylch Meithrin Y Fenni.

Monmouth – Wiggles and Giggles PlaygroupLittle Einsteins Nursery and Monmouth Day Nursery

Chepstow – Pont Hafren Playgroup and Bluebells Playgroup

Caldicot – Caldi-tots Playgroup

Email: flyingstart@monmouthshire.gov.uk