The Welsh Government is providing funding for residents and businesses directly affected by flooding since September 2020.  Details of how to access this funding are below, together with information on other services that may be of assistance. 

Welsh Government Funding 

Financial support for Monmouthshire residents  

If your home has been flooded since 1st September 2020 during alert levels 3 and 4 of the Coronavirus lockdown you can get up to £1,000 of help. 

Local Councils are administering this support on behalf of the Welsh Government.  To apply for this funding you will need to complete a short application form using this link: Flooding financial support application form or call 01633 644644. 

To qualify the property must be your main residence and your internal principal living space must have been flooded.  Empty properties and second homes are not eligible for this financial support. 

To apply you will need to supply the following information: 

  • Full name 
  • Address of affected property 
  • Council Tax reference 
  • Bank account details of the bank account the payment is to be made to 
  • Household insurance details where applicable (company name and policy number) 

To complete and process your application we will also need to verify that your property was flooded against our records. 

Financial support for Monmouthshire businesses 

Information on support for businesses affected by flooding can be found here

Rates Reductions 

If you have been affected by flooding, you may be eligible for a discount, or an exemption on your Council Tax or Business Rates. 

For households affected by flooding, extended payment plans may be available. Exemptions and discounts may also be available depending on the particular circumstances. Examples of possible exemptions available are – 6 months exemption if the property is substantially unfurnished and unoccupied or an exemption of up to 12 months if structural repairs are required. 

Contact the Revenues team on 01633 644630 or email: 

Further Help 

Do you know who to contact if you’ve been affected by a flood? A key list of contacts for charities and support organisations is available below: 

Monmouthshire Trading Standards offers the following advice on how people can avoid being scammed by rogue doorstep traders: 

  • If a trader knocks at your door do not agree to on the spot house repairs, or sign anything on the spot.  
  • Be wary of special offers or warnings that your house is unsafe.  
  • Do not make snap decisions. Take time to talk to someone you trust before you make a decision.  
  • If in doubt, call Consumer Direct on 0808 223 1133  

Foodbanks and Community Fridges are available in many towns throughout the county.  Details are available from our Community Partnerships team on 10633 644696. 

National Flood Forum 

Monmouthshire Housing Support 

Housing Options Team 

If you have had to leave your home while it is being repaired following flooding, and you need help finding accommodation, please contact: 

The Council Tax Benefits Section would like to know about anyone whose property has been affected by the floods. This will assist the CT team in processing discretionary reduction applications. 

Care and Repair offer free, impartial advice on repairs and will help people get estimates and select a reputable contractor – 01495 745910 

Heart Home Energy Appliance Replacement 

An appliance replacement scheme. Each of the appliances has a cost of £75, which includes delivery & installation. You must either be on means tested benefits or be on a low income have a serious health condition. You can apply via the website: 

Benevolent Funds 

If you have worked in any of the following industries, you may qualify for some financial help: 

Hospitality action trust – 

Retail Trust – Tel 0808 8010808 

Horticulture – Perennial Tel 0800 093 8510 

Military – Royal British Legion –Tel 0300 123 9110 

Builders/labourers – B&CE Tel 0300 2000 600 

Builders/labourers – Lighthouse charity Tel 0345 609 1956 

Electricians – Electrical industries Charity Tel 0800 652 1618 

Nursing – Cavell nurses trust – Tel 01527 595999 

Care workers – 

Farmers –RABI Tel 01865 724931 

Civil Servants – Tel 0800 056 2424 

Solicitors – The Solicitors Charity Tel 020 8675 6440 

Teaching – Tel 01322 293 822 

Second hand furniture: – 

Homemakers Community recycling Abergavenny, The Chapel, Old Workhouse, Union Rd West, Abergavenny NP7 7RL. Tel 01873 857618 

Ravenhouse Trust, 276-278 Cromwell Road, Newport. Provide food and furniture for people in need throughout the old county of Gwent and beyond Tel 01633 762999 

2me2u Used furniture store 33 Frogmore St Abergavenny NP7 5AL Tel 07772 296666 

Insuring your Property 

For future purposes the following website has information about insuring your property which may be at risk of flooding: 

Flood Resources 

Ravenhouse Trust 

Will be happy to help out with items such as bedding but will need to be advised of what is needed and where. 

Home Improvement Loans 

There are Interest free loans available (a fee is payable) to homeowners to do repair work that will make their property warm, safe and secure. Contact the Council’s Housing & Communities team on 01633 644455.