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Every property falls into a banding for council tax purposes depending on its value.

Council tax bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency.

Each property was allocated to one of eight bands according to its open market capital value at April 1st 1991. However, most properties have had significant increases in value since 1991, so new valuation bands came into force on 1st April 2005 based on capital values at 1st April 2003.

Your council tax bill states which band applies to your dwelling.

To see the amount charged for each band value in the various community areas across the authority, go to Council tax charges.

Valuation bands – range of values effective from 1st April 2005

A Up to £44,000
B Over £44,000 but not exceeding £65,000
C Over £65,000 but not exceeding £91,000
D Over £91,000 but not exceeding £123,000
E Over £123,000 but not exceeding £162,000
F Over £162,000 but not exceeding £223,000
G Over £223,000 but not exceeding £324,000
H Over £324,000 but not exceeding £424,000
I Over £424,000

How to appeal against your council tax band

Valuation band

The amount you pay is based on your valuation band as assessed by the Valuation Office Agency which is part of the Inland Revenue. Your current band reflects the capital value of your home at the valuation date 1st April 2003.

If you have any queries in connection with your banding or believe that your house is in the wrong band, you must appeal to the Valuation Office Agency but there are time limits on this right of appeal.

For further information and advice on further appeal to the Valuation Tribunal contact the Valuation Office Agency either via their website or at the address below:

Valuation Office Agency
Ty Glyder
339 High Street
North Wales
LL57 1EP

Telephone: 03000 505505

Council tax liability/charges

If you believe that you are not liable to pay the amount charged or that a discount or exemption to which you are entitled has not been granted, you must first write to the council giving full explanation of your circumstances. We will then re-examine your case and advise you of our decision. If you are not satisfied you have a further right of appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.

The valuation tribunal

This is an independent body which determines appeals in connection with liability, disputes about entitlement to discounts and exemptions and also disputes about valuation bands. They may be contacted at:

22 Gold Tops
NP20 4PG

Telephone: 01633 266367

Beware of scams

We have been made aware of firms asking for money to challenge your council tax band and secure tax rebate. Some taxpayers have advised us that they have been asked for up-front fees and bank account details.

Please be aware that it is not necessary to spend money to query your band.

The Valuation Office Agency (part of the Inland Revenue) calculates your council tax band. If you think it is wrong, contact the office directly on 03000 505505.

If you need to enquire about any other council tax matter telephone 01633 644630 or