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Do you take drugs, drink alcohol or take solvents for pleasure, to escape unhappiness, to reduce anxiety, relieve boredom, or to belong?

We all know taking drugs and excessive drinking is risky and dangerous.  There can be a price to pay, death, serious health problems, imprisonment and some side effects that can be very frightening for you and for those around you.

If you suspect someone has taken drugs and is having a bad reaction, call 999 for an ambulance.  Don’t mess around, act quickly; you won’t get into trouble for helping a friend – and you may even save their life!

There are community schemes to support you. The Kaleidoscope Alcohol Service and Gwent Drug Intervention Programme are designed to give confidential support and advice through difficult times and addictions.

Kaleidoscope alcohol service

Kaleidoscope Alcohol Service can help you.  This service provides a range of support for individuals who may be drinking too much, and also for family members affected by the problem.  Their work is structured, focused and designed to meet your needs, whatever the extent of your problem.

Kaleidoscope can arrange to see you at one of our  to make an appointment please telephone 01291 635355.  It is really important to ensure services are provided as locally as possible.

You can refer yourself, or another person such as your GP, a support worker or a family member could make a referral on your behalf.

To make a referral, please contact:

The Junction
Cedar House
Station Road
NP16 5PB
Tel: 01291 635355

Gwent drug intervention programme

Help with drug abuse

Gwent Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) forms part of a beginning-to-end support programme that follows and manages offenders as they pass through the criminal justice system including

  • Police custody
  • Courts
  • Prison
  • Probation
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare

The Gwent Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) holds confidential surgeries at Caldicot Community Hubs and their Monmouthshire base in Chepstow:

Monmouthshire Area Substance Misuse Multi-agency Base
The Junction
Cedar House
Station Road
NP16 5PB

They can be contacted on 01291 635345 or by fax: 01291 630228