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To become a registered Childminder in Monmouthshire, please read the following information:
1) Download The Steps to Becoming A Childminder Document below 
Before becoming a childminder in Monmouthshire, you will need to understand all the requirements you must undertake.  Download the Childminder Brief at the bottom of this page for everything you need to know, and contact PACEY on 02920 351407 or email who will help you to start the process.

2) The IHC & PCP Childminding Course 
You will need to complete an online home based childcare course (IHC) and Preparing for Childminder Practice (PCP) before you can become a childminder.  You will need to complete this course regardless of any other childcare qualifications you may have.  
Those looking to become a registered childminder in Wales will have to hold both the Introduction to home-based childcare unit and the Preparing for childminder practice unit. Those looking to become an approved nanny in Wales will only have to hold the Introduction to home-based childcare unit.

The IHC & PCP  training course can be completed in your own time. It may take several weeks or as long as a year depending on your pace. The online course currently costs £360 plus VAT.

To register for the full IHC course, please contact PACEY on 02920 351407 or   You will receive log in details via email and instructions for completing the course.   Read about the course for Childminders here. You can also read all the requirements in the National Minimum Standard for Childcare Provision document below.
Monmouthshire Early Years and Childcare Hub may be able to reimburse you for part or all of the cost of the IHC course upon registration.  Please keep any receipts.

3) Become a First Aider
To become a childminder, it is a requirement to have a first aid certificate. You are required to source your own first aid training course. First Aid Training course details can be found here.   All first aid training costs will need to be met by yourself.
4) Food Safety and Safeguarding 
It is highly recommended that you complete a Level 2 Food Safety course.  Training information is available here. 
Monmouthshire County Council may also be able to provide Level 1 Safeguarding Training. Please contact for dates.

5) Complete the Application Form to become a Childminder
During the process of becoming a childminder, you will be required to complete a 52 page application form (online here).  The application form will cover your personal details, qualifications and experience, your plans for your childminding business and the care you will be providing,  how you plan to meet regulations and standards, your plans for meeting individual children’s needs and provide a quality service and what procedures you will put in place.   Your application form needs to be completed in full.  Any gaps left in the form may mean your application will not be processed.
You will also be required to have a DBS check undertaken.  All members of your household who are aged 16 and over will need to have a DBS check.  The DBS check can be completed online.
6) Register as a Childminder
By law, you are required to register your childminding service with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW). They will inspect your home and individuals living with you (over the age of 16).   CIW can be contacted on 0300 062 8757.
7) Receive your Start-Up Grant
Monmouthshire Early Years and Childcare Hub may be able to reimburse you for a PACEY Quality Start start up pack which includes your 1st year’s membership to PACEY and public liability insurance.  Please contact Monmouthshire Early Years and Childcare Hub on to request an application form.
 8) Advertise your Childminding Service for Free
Monmouthshire Early Years and Childcare Hub provide information to the public about childcare available in their area. Contact the Hub at to receive a form for you to complete your details about opening hours, charges per hour etc. Choose to advertise on this website and on social media platforms.  The Hub also needs your details to inform the Welsh Government in the annual Childcare Sufficiency Assessment. 
9) Working as a Childminder
CIW will be in close contact with you as you work as a childminder, inspecting you every three years to check that you are achieving minimum standards. Your first aid certificate will need to be renewed every three years as will your food hygiene certificate.
The process of becoming a childminder from starting the IHC & PCP course to receiving your Registration number can take anything from 12 weeks to 2 years.  This can depend on the speed at which you complete the IHC& PCP, the application form and the waiting list that CIW has for applicants wishing to register.
If you have any other questions about registering as a childminder in Monmouthshire, please email