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Parents are invited to express up to three preferences (in order of priority) in the event that admission to the preferred school has to be refused. You are strongly advised to include more than one preference on your application as you will be disadvantaged over other applications if you do not.

Your preferences will be considered equally in line with the local authority’s oversubscription criteria and not based on the order in which you list your preferences. However, the highest preference school will be offered in the event that one or more preferences can be met.

Please note that an application made to attend an independent school or a school outside Monmouthshire will qualify as one of your preferences and will be ranked accordingly.

You must include your council tax reference number on the application form that is sent to you. The local authority will use information held by the council tax department to verify your address is correct. If you do not want to give your permission for us to access the council tax data, then please supply a copy of your council tax statement.

If you are in the process of moving properties you must provide, with your application, a copy of the Exchange of Contracts or long term tenancy agreement to verify your move. This information will need to be sent to us prior to the closing date to avoid being considered under the authority’s late application arrangements.

A change in preference should be made in writing to the school and student access unit. Any preference
that is changed after the closing date will result in the application being treated as a late application.

Primary school admission guidance

The local authority will admit a child to a maintained primary/infant school at the start of the academic year in which he/she will be 5 years old. The legal requirements confirm that parents can delay the admission of their child until the term following their 5th birthday. However, it is a council policy that the child will continue to follow their chronological year group unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Attendance at a feeder nursery does not exclude the need to apply for a reception place at the school. Please note that priority for admission is not given to those children attending a feeder nursery.

Secondary school guidance

If your child is currently attending the feeder school for your chosen secondary school please be aware that this does not guarantee you a place. We will make every effort to accommodate parental preferences.