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The fact that a vehicle is untaxed causing an obstruction, illegally parked, posing a threat of danger or is an eyesore, does not mean it is abandoned. The enforcement authority for untaxed vehicles left on the public highway is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Vehicles are classed as abandoned only when we are satisfied that a vehicle has been left on land with no owner likely to claim possession of it.

How to report an abandoned vehicle

You can report an issue anonymously, but by registering your details you can track the progress of your report and receive updates as it is processed.

If you’ve already registered using the My Monmouthshire app, currently available on AppleAndroid and Windows devices, then you can use the same email and password to log-in.

Untaxed vehicles

If you wish to report an untaxed vehicle contact

Stolen vehicles

If you think the vehicle has been stolen, please can you report this to Heddlu Gwent Police on the appropriate police station number shown below.

Vehicles causing an obstruction

If the vehicle is causing an obstruction, this must also be reported directly to the police.

Heddlu Gwent Police Headquarters, Cwmbran Tel: 01633 838999
Abergavenny Police Station Tel: 01873 852273
Monmouth Police Station Tel: 01600 712321
Chepstow Police Station Tel: 01291 623993
Caldicot Police Station Tel: 01291 430999

British Transport Police Tel: 0800 405040
(For vehicles on railway land)

My vehicle has a notice fixed to it saying it will be removed

If your vehicle has had a statutory notice fixed to it please contact Environmental Health immediately, the notice affixed to the vehicle will normally provide you with the appropriate contact details.

My vehicle has been removed

Should you wish to retrieve an abandoned vehicle that has been removed it is important to contact us quickly. It is best if you do this by phone.

You will be asked to produce the relevant documentation that confirms you are the legal owner of the vehicle.