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Monmouthshire County Council are pleased to announce that the Nature Isn’t Neat is returning for 2024.

Nature Isn’t Neat promotes the benefits of letting nature do its thing in green spaces across Monmouthshire by reducing mowing and letting wildflowers grow. These mini meadows are vital for addressing the biodiversity crisis and decline of plants and pollinators and gives our residents the chance to experience nature.

Connecting with nature and spending more time in green spaces have great benefits for people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Our Nature isn’t Neat areas aren’t just great for wildlife, by letting the grass grow longer it stores more carbon in the soil and helps increase our resistance to drought and floods.

Local residents, community groups, and businesses have a vital role in supporting wildflower and pollinator conservation across Monmouthshire. If you want help to create your own meadow, then the Nature isn’t Neat project is launching a new resource pack filled with lots of guidance and tips to get you started.

Creating nature filled spaces is also about bringing people and nature together.

While many places will be left to grow this summer, many are still managed for recreation, sports and for road and pedestrian safety and will all be cut and collected at the end of the year.

Why not get involved in meadow conservation efforts in Monmouthshire, by sharing photos of some wonderful wildlife or implementing meadow management practices in your own green space?

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