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We build and share local knowledge; our job is to be walking, talking encyclopaedias of everything that is happening on the ground in a community.  We are endlessly curious and interested about people and places.  We love to learn about what people can do, what they know, who they know, what they’re planning, where things are happening – where they’re not happening… And then we make it our business to share this knowledge to strengthen the whole community. 

We create the conditions in which communities can thrive; we can help bring in resources, we can open up shared spaces, we can (appropriately) get around red tape, we can support events where people can meet around common interests, we work to understand what stops people feeling part of community life and try to remove those barriers. 

We sow seeds in communities, planting ideas, growing people’s creativity, encouraging people, reassuring that they are valuable citizens who can take action themselves to bring about change without having to wait for permission. 

We support and connect people; we know that not everyone is equally able to join in with community activity and there are lots of barriers that people can face to being fully included in society.  This can be anything from caring responsibilities to a lack of financial resources, from low self-esteem to a lack of transport.  Whatever the issues, we can work alongside individuals and whole communities to understand the things that can hold them back and to try and overcome those issues together.

Some of the things we do:

*Community spaces, eg. TogetherWORKS

*‘You Decide’ participatory budgeting

*Wellbeing Links Team

*‘We are a Community’ – resources to inspire action

*Support for volunteers, e.g. Be Community

*Tackling poverty and inequality

*Refugee support in communities

*Community-Focused Schools

*A menu of off the shelf projects, e.g. Playing Out

*Community celebrations

*Veterans Hub

*Circular economy, e.g. community fridges

*Community Action Networks