Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire County Councils have agreed to advance plans for a new road to bypass Chepstow to end congestion in the town centre and at the Highbeech roundabout.

The two council leaders Cllr Richard John of Monmouthshire County Council and Cllr Mark Hawthorne of Gloucestershire County Council recently met with senior council officers, cabinet members and local MPs for Monmouth, David TC Davies MP and the Forest of Dean, Rt Hon Mark Harper MP to discuss solutions to Chepstow traffic congestion.

The meeting, held in Tidenham, was an opportunity for Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire politicians to discuss the chronic congestion in and around Chepstow and the resulting air pollution. It was also a chance to agree that public transport and active travel need to play full parts in alleviating these long-standing issues. Without serious investment the environmental, economic and social wellbeing of communities on both sides of the border will continue to be damaged.

Photo: L-R: Rt Hon. Mark Harper MP (Forest of Dean), Cllr Richard John (Leader Monmouthshire County Council), Cllr Mark Hawthorne (Leader Gloucestershire County Council), David Davies MP

Funding has been secured for the next stage of investigative work to make the case for a new cross-border road link, along with increased public transport and active travel opportunities.

Last week, Monmouthshire’s Cabinet agreed that resolution of these cross-border transport infrastructure issues would form the basis of a levelling-up bid to UK Government.

Cllr Richard John said: “I am delighted that these constructive talks between Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire politicians have concluded that investment in new infrastructure between Chepstow and Sedbury is absolutely vital to end the chronic congestion plaguing the town and surrounding areas.

“Clearly a new link road that bypasses Chepstow would cut congestion and improve air quality, thereby making Chepstow a more attractive place for tourists to spend time. The new road is also needed because of the level of projected house building in southern Gloucestershire over the next five years.”

Cllr Mark Hawthorne, leader of Gloucestershire County Council, said: “I was pleased to take part in these talks to discuss ways of easing traffic congestion between the Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire border. I am happy that all parties agreed that we need to increase public transport and active travel options as well as looking at plans for new infrastructure to tackle the Chepstow bottleneck.

“We are committed to providing help to these communities blighted by traffic congestion and continuing our partnership work to bring these proposals to fruition. This will benefit residents living along the border as well as improve connectivity across the Western Gateway.”