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Bus Timetables

Please Note: The services and bus timetables listed on this website are subject to change at short notice. We won’t be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience as a result of any inaccuracy.

Service 1 Llanelly Hill to Brynmawr
Service 3 Brynmawr to Gilwern and Abergavenny
Service 29 Varteg to Abergavenny and Llanellen
Service 34 Monmouth to Ross on Wye (Stagecoach)
Service 34 Monmouth – Goodrich – Ross on Wye – Hereford (First)
Service 35 Monmouth to Ross on Wye (James Bevan)
Service 35a Monmouth to Cinderford
Service 36 Monmouth to Hereford
Service 43 Llanellen to Abergavenny
Service 43 X43 Abergavenny – Crickhowell – Brecon
Service 45 Abergavenny to Llwynu Estate
Service 46 Abergavenny to Knoll Estate
Service 54 Bridstow to Monmouth
Service 60 Monmouth to Newport
Service 62 Newport – Magor – Caldicot – Sudbrook – Caerwent
Service 63 Cwmbran to Chepstow via Usk
Service 65 Chepstow to Monmouth via Trellech
Service 69 Chepstow to Monmouth via Tintern
Service 73 Newport to Chepstow via Langstone
Service 74 Newport – Caldicot – Chepstow
Service 76 Thornwell to Chepstow Comprehensive
Service 83 Abergavenny to Monmouth
Service 705 St Briavels to Monmouth
Service 755 Chepstow to Lydney
Service 761 Chepstow to Beachley via Sedbury
Service C1 Thornwell – Chepstow
Service C2 Chepstow – Bulwark
Service C3 Chepstow – Thornwell
Service C4 Chepstow to The Danes
Service C5 Chepstow to Garden City
Service W3/W4/W5 Monmouth to Wyesham/Osbaston/Overmonnow
Service X3/X33 Abergavenny – Pontypool – Cwmbran – Cardiff
Service X4 Cardiff to Hereford via Heads of Valley and Abergavenny
Service X7 Bristol – Chepstow – Newport
Service X20 Newport to Abergavenny via Cwmbran


For your journey planning needs use the main journey planner.

Bus Service Changes – 3rd November 2014

Service 60 (Monmouth – Raglan – Usk – Newport) – New Operator

Service 62 (Newport – Magor – Caldicot) – Service cancelled and replaced by new 75 Service

Service 73 (Newport – Chepstow)

Service 74 (Newport – Caldicot – Chepstow)

Service 75 (Newport Retail Park – Magor – Caldicot) – New Service

Bus Stops

All of the council’s bus stops are installed for the benefit of all bus passengers and to help provide a comfortable and enjoyable bus journey. If any bus stops, shelters or timetable are damaged or need cleaning contact Monmouthshire passenger transport unit on 01633 644728 or email

42 Responses

  1. lesweyman says:

    Will bus 69 from Chepstow to Monmouth be running in April?

    Thank you

  2. transportpolicy says:

    Yes, bus route 69 will still be running in April.

  3. elebam says:

    As a forward-thinking council, could you join the free google transit programme, so the timetables are accessible via google maps?


  4. busfan2009 says:

    hi can you tell me what service are changing/being cut please i heard the 64/74 are going newport bus. what others are changing



    • Passenger Transport Unit says:

      Good morning, we have received no official notification from the operator of the 74 service (Stagecoach) regarding cuts to services, this is a commercial service. The 74 evening services are subsidised by Monmouthshire County Council and operated by Newport Bus, there are no plans to reduce this service.

  5. busfan2009 says:

    are any service’s being cut in the monmouth area in april/july


    • transportpolicy says:

      Hello busfan2009

      There were no services cut from Monmouth in April, and there are no plans from the Council to withdraw in services in July.

  6. nonentity says:


    Now that Stagecoach have confirmed cuts to services in South Wales (, Can you please confirm what (if anything) you are doing to help commuters and the public to travel where needed?

    As someone who uses the 74/X74 bus service on a daily basis, I am looking for reassurance that I’ll still be able to travel to and from work once Stagecoach cut the service.

    Many thanks,


  7. transportpolicy says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the message.

    Since Stagecoach announced their plans to withdraw a number of their commercial bus services, we have been looking at a number of options to still provide a bus service along the 74/X74 route. We will keep people informed of developments via this website and twitter @transportinmon.



  8. sorcha says:

    I genuinely still don’t understand why, on Sundays, there is a Ross to Hereford bus but there’s only a Monmouth to Ross bus with four different times throughout summer; however there’s a bus to Abergavenny, but no Abergavenny to Hereford bus – you’ve got to catch a train. Just put in a Sunday 36 timetable and make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

    • transportpolicy says:

      Hi Sorcha

      Thanks for your email. We will look at that suggestion, although given the financial budget situation we couldnt promise being able to financially support a Sunday service on route 36.


  9. pricee says:

    Will be trying to get from Abergavenny to Monmouth on Bank Holiday Monday 26th 2014. Could you tell me which services are running? thanks

  10. oana says:

    Hi! Are there any bus services from Abergavenny to Brecon this Sunday 25th May or Monday 26th May? Thank you!

  11. Passenger Transport Unit says:

    Hi Oana,

    Unfortunately the 43/X43 Service (Abergavenny to Brecon) is a Monday to Sunday service only and it also does not operate on Bank Holidays.

  12. port1769 says:

    There is no timetable shown for the replacement of the bus from Chepstow to Spytty. Is there going to be one under Newport transport?. Thanks.

  13. ann678 says:

    we are all gutted that we have not got a bus to SPYTTY that comes through MAGOR .there is a bus at k12 that we can catch but we are old and it is to far to walk . not its bad enough we have walk from Queensway in to Newport .I think who made theses time tables do not think how old age pensioners are going to manage . my husband will no be able to go out because it will be to far to walk to any buses . not happy bunny

    • Passenger Transport Unit says:

      Hi Ann,

      We will pass your comments to the operator ‘Newport Bus’ – the 74 is a ‘commercially’ run service and receives no subsidy from the council.

  14. jaegar says:

    As the X74 is not mentioned in the changes to the bus timetables, am I right in assuming that it will still run?

  15. tocidlac says:

    Been waiting at the stop on Caldicot bypass for two hours, where are the buses? Timetable on stop says Stagecoach is still operating service.

  16. tocidlac says:

    Re you reply to port1769 (July 11th) surely the service 43 to Spytty Retail Park from stop H1 in Newport represents a better interchange with the 74 arriving at Q8.

  17. tocidlac says:

    There is a free bus provided by Tesco on Saturday mornings from Caldicot / Rogiet / Magor to Spytty Retail Park. Operated by NAT.

  18. tocidlac says:

    Will there be an additional bus stop, by Asda, on the new part of Woodstock Way in Caldicot?

  19. transportpolicy says:

    Hello Tocidlac

    Yes there will be additonal bus stops on the new section of Woodstock Way near to the new Asda store.



  20. ann678 says:

    hi could you tell me that 62 bus is stopping in November from magor and other places and what date will be the last bus I think this is awfull will there be replace bus for this area many thanks ann

  21. flowertot says:

    C4 bus timetables conflict (download vs posted at bus stop.)
    Download States 11:00 departure from Chepstow bus station, but the time posted on the bus stop timetable says 11:10 departure.
    I also noticed that 3 of the route stops on the posted timetable are actually before the departure time!
    Do you need a proof reader?

  22. mum1 says:

    Is there still a bus route Monmouth – Coleford and what are the days/times? I need to be in Coleford tomorrow afternoon but I cant find a timetable anywhere!

  23. ann678 says:

    ann678 the 62 bus is stopping through magor will there be a replacement for magor and is there a bus going to Spitty park from magor many thanks

  24. ann678 says:

    ann678is it true that you are putting on a bus to spitty from magor

  25. tocidlac says:

    Does the new 75 run via Redwick?
    Still use Mill Lane in Caldicot?
    What route/timetable changes apply to the 74 from Nov 3rd?

  26. tocidlac says:

    Apparently people from Redwick are not to be allowed to catch a bus to/from Magor or Caldicot from Nov 3rd. As Newport City residents they must use a `demand responsive` service (like `Grass Routes`) into Newport itself.

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