Not received your Business Rate Bill 2018/19?

We are experiencing issues in producing some Business Rate Bills for 2018/19, with properties that are entitled to transitional relief.

This is unlikely to be resolved in time to give notice of the first instalment on the 15th April. We are trying very hard to correct the problem and will send bills shortly providing for instalments payable commencing May 2018.

Pay your business rates online!


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Here you are able to log on using your personal details, account reference and online key. Under this self-serve area you can view your account details. There is also a range of other items you can do like update your contact information, switch to paperless billing and set up a direct debit.

Non-domestic rates are the way in which businesses and other occupiers of non-domestic property indirectly contribute towards the costs of local authority services.

Business rates (national non-domestic rates) are payable for most non-domestic properties; they are collected by the council, paid into a central pool and redistributed to local authorities to pay for services.

Rates payable are calculated by applying a ‘poundage’ or ‘multiplier’ to the rateable value. The multiplier is set annually by the Welsh Government, it was 47.3p for 2014/15; 48.2p for 2015/16; 48.6p for 2016/17; 49.9p for 2017/18 and 51.4p for 2018/19.

2018/19 Information Leaflets

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