Ideally every young person will stay with their family unit until they become adults so that their move into independent living is a planned one. Unfortunately things do not always work out this way and some young people cannot remain at home for reasons beyond their control.

You are not likely to be thought of as homeless if you are choosing to leave accommodation that is suitable for you and which is still available for you to return to. It is not necessarily just not getting on with your parents or guardian, or wanting your own space that will enable the authority to consider it is unreasonable for you to remain at home.

A certain amount of arguing and conflict is to be expected as a normal part of growing up and you need to think carefully about how your own behaviour may be making things difficult for you at home. We may arrange for your parent or guardian and yourself to see a mediation specialist to resolve conflict within the home.

Leaving home before you are an adult does not free you from rules and restriction and in a lot of ways may make things more difficult for you than your current situation. You will have to live around people you do not know, in accommodation you cannot choose, which may have stricter rules that you are used to, plus you will have more responsibility for yourself than if you stayed at home.

16/17 Year Old

If you are 16/17 year old and threatened or actually homeless we will need to contact the person responsible for your care and make a decision as to whether it is felt it is best for you to return home, live with other family, whether family mediation is appropriate and if emergency accommodation should be provided. If you cannot return home a referral will be made for you to see a Social Worker for an assessment under the The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.. You will also be referred to the Young Person Accommodation Officer for support if you cannot return to the family home.

Over 18 years old and under 25 years old

If you approach the Council as homeless, the Housing Options Team will listen to you and assess your circumstances under Homelessness Legislation. Being a young person does not automatically qualify you for an offer accommodation, once you are 18 you are usually responsible for your own housing. In saying that, the Council have a Young Person Accommodation Officer who will work with you, if you are deemed to be threatened with or actually homeless, and will help you source suitable accommodation and refer you for support related to your circunmstances.

If you are currently homeless or facing homelessness within in the next 56 days then you need to make a homelessness application as a matter of urgency

Phone number: 01633 644 644

Email address:

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8.45 – 5.00pm, Friday 8.45 – 4.30pm

Emergency out of hours number: 01633 644 644

For a factsheet on Homelessness and Support click here