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The page will be updated further when the next steps and dates for work are known.  Please re-visit for further information

Monmouthshire County Council has issued an update on the planned resurfacing works on the Wye Bridge in Monmouth. The proposed closure, due to start 16th October, has now been postponed until Spring 2024 at the earliest. The decision has been made after the Council was unable to proceed due to a non-compliant tender.

The need for a major investment to improve the condition of the Wye Bridge is widely appreciated by residents and businesses in Monmouth and surrounding areas. The criticality of the Wye Bridge as a key part of the travel network means that finding a way to resurface the Wye Bridge with minimal disruption will always be a challenge. This is made more difficult given the bridge’s age and unique structure.

Monmouthshire County Council would like to reassure residents and businesses that their concerns and needs will be respected and considered, and every effort will be made to minimise disruption to people’s lives when the works take place.

Monmouthshire County Council also confirmed that it was mindful of other major infrastructure improvement projects in Monmouth, notably extensive work by Welsh Water on their infrastructure. These works are expected to commence in September. Details can be found at

The Council will review the new timings to minimise the impact of disruption to residents and businesses where possible. Based on the need to go out to tender again, the very earliest that the works are likely to be able to proceed will be spring 2024.

The Council is still being advised by our engineers that it will be necessary to shut the bridge to all traffic other than emergency services and pedestrians when work does proceed. The Council will continue to explore options to limit the impact of the closure through the new tendering process and will issue updates as and when information is confirmed.

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Wye Bridge road surface repairs Autumn 2023Frequently Asked Questions

When will the works be taking place?

We are aiming to start the works on October 23rd 2023 and complete on 27th October 2023

What time will works start and finish?

The works are planned to commence at 22.00 and be completed by 05.00. Traffic management will be set up 45 minutes either side of the works.

Will the bridge be closed?

We will be undertaking the temporary repair works overnight and will keep one lane open with traffic lights. The works will take a few nights to complete and we will do all we can to minimise disruption while keeping the public and teams safe during the works.

Can I still cross the Bridge?

Yes, one lane will remain open under traffic lights. Traffic will be delayed but we will endeavour to carry out the works when the traffic crossing the Bridge is minimal. There will be traffic lights and stop and go traffic management to ensure the safety of road users and teams working on the bridge.

What works will be undertaken?

We will be HotPotholing to maintain the surface of the road and stop it deteriorating further over the winter. This should keep the road safe until the full resurfacing works can be undertaken next year. We will also clear detritus and check drainage on the bridge at the same time to minimise any further disruption.

How much is being done?

The works are predominantly on the Bridge and will extend from the A40 to the roundabout by Lidl.

What happens if the work is cancelled due to bad weather?

Weather can seriously impact the quality of road surface repairs. Where weather is likely to impact works we will ensure that we update social media and we will remove road closure signs up to 36 hrs in advance.

Is the proposed full resurfacing of the Bridge still going to happen?

Yes, we are currently working with engineers and construction experts to deliver a full resurfacing programme.

Why can’t you do the full resurfacing at the same time?

The maintenance works in Autumn 2023 are designed to ensure the road surface does not deteriorate further over the winter and keeps the surface safer for road users. These are temporary works that can be completed overnight under single lane closure. The full resurfacing programme will require the removal of the top surface of the Bridge and this is likely to require both lanes closed. We will ensure updates are posted as we know more about the full resurfacing programme.