So, what does being bilingual mean?

It’s the ability to live your everyday life using two languages.

As a parent, deciding on your child’s education will be one of the most important decisions that you will make. An increasing number of parents can testify that choosing Welsh medium education for their child has been a positive and worthwhile experience.

  • The information provided aims to address concerns and state the advantages of being bilingual.
  • It also maps a clear path for your child through the school years from nursery, to primary and secondary schools and beyond.

Do you want your child to become bilingual?

But we don’t speak Welsh!

With parents who don’t speak Welsh in the majority, schools provide everything in English and Welsh.

What about their English language skills?

When children leave Welsh medium primary school they are fluent in Welsh, and as fluent in English as children from English medium schools.

Why Welsh medium education?

The quality of education is excellent, it’s easy to learn a language from an early age, and children enjoy their lives in English and Welsh!

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