News Update – We regret to inform that Phase 1 of the scheme is now closed. Should further funding become available  we will republicise the opportunity

Additional support is now available for eligible businesses to support the continued recovery of our town centres

Funded by the Welsh Governments Transforming Towns Programme, the ‘Covid 19 – Town Centre Outdoor Adaptation Grant’ provides funding of up to 80% of total improvement costs – up to a maximum value of £8,000.  A minimum of 20% of the total project costs will need to be met by the applicant.

The funding supports improvements that facilitate social distancing in external areas where customers and members of the public are to congregate, be served food, drink or rest.

By providing grant support it will support businesses in meeting the challenges of social distancing whilst improving the presentation and amenity  of our town centres.

Who can apply ?

The funding is available to eligible businesses located in the ‘Central Shopping Areas’ of the County’s five towns

You can check if your business is located within one of the boundaries by clicking on any of the links above

Businesses adjacent to the Town Centre boundaries will be considered at the discretion of the Council.

Applications can be considered from third sector organisations operating commercially within our town centres

How much can I expect ?

If your application is successful, the maximum grant available is 80% of eligible project costs – up to a maximum of £8,000. You will be required to fund the remaining 20%.

Higher levels of funding will be considered in exceptional circumstances. For example, Landmark buildings with exceptional large curtilage or where projects evidence business collaboration to promote consistency, quality and positive impact on specific areas of the public realm.

What items are eligible for grant ?

This Funding will support Capital works only

Grant eligible items

  • Outdoor awnings, canopies and marquee coverings. (please note: materials must align with current medical advice and consider the effects of sunlight, wind direction, ventilation – minimum 3 sides open- and intensity, social distance and effective handwashing)
  • Outdoor tables, chairs and seating provision.
  • Outdoor screening, bollards, planters and barriers
  • Outdoor servery facilities.
  • Parklets (using parking spaces and the provision of decking on which to construct timber structures so providing small covered areas offering some weather protection).
  • Small Green Infrastructure schemes especially where there is seating provision.
  • Electricity supply and lighting to outdoor trading space.
  • Litter bins
  • Electric Outdoor Heating
  • Outdoor market provision
  • Social distancing measures
  • Other interventions can also be considered that facilitate social distancing and a lower density of occupation in the external environment

A few examples….

Good practice

Ineligible for grant

Cord barriers are not considered as eligible items. For more information see the ‘further guidance notes’ below

All proposals must be delivered in accordance with Welsh Government Statutory Requirements and Guidance – including those required to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic.

Any interventions must be of sufficient quality to ensure they provide a sustained and lasting impact, and are appropriate additions to the public realm and associated spaces.

What items are not eligible for grant ?

  • Revenue items – ie Covid response training for staff
  • Poor quality seating and tables ie plastic
  • Items for areas that do not have a trading licence
  • Items with excessive branding
  • Inappropriate coloration

What else should I consider ?

Businesses must hold an appropriate ‘Café Space’ licence to trade externally. If you do not currently have a licence you can apply via the MyMonmouthshire app (the icon in the bottom right corner of this page).

In addition, your business must possess public liability insurance that covers outdoor trading

Any physical measures supported through this fund will need to be COVID secure and be accompanied by appropriate behavioural measures such as signage, guidance and training of staff

How do I apply?

We regret to inform that Phase 1 of the scheme is now closed.

Should further funding become available  we will republicise the opportunity