The first 1000 days, during pregnancy and up to a child’s second birthday, represent a critical part of childhood when we form attachments to our caregivers, learn how to safely explore and trust the world around us, and start to communicate. It is when we see the most rapid phase of brain growth and development and where the foundations are laid down for our future health and wellbeing.

This critical period has a long lasting impact on individuals and families. They shape the destiny for children as they grow up: their educational achievements, their ability to secure an income, their influences on their own children, and their health in older age.

Take a look at the following useful information that may be able to help you during your child’s first 1000 days:

Pregnancy Services (click here and search for ‘Pregnancy’ or ‘Maternity’ under Keywords)

Bump, Baby and Beyond

Design to Smile (children’s oral health programme)

Safer Sleep (Lullaby Trust)

Parenting – Give It Time

Be Safe Around Dogs

Aneurin Bevan Maternity Services

The Responsive Service

Shaking Your Baby – It’s Just The Deal

Caring For Your Baby At Night

Building A Happy Baby


Meningitis B

Pneumococcal Vaccine for Children Under 2

6 in 1 (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hib and Hepatitis B Vaccine for Babies and Children) Leaflet

Baby Nosh Weaning Leaflet:

Tiny Tums (0 – 5s Healthy Eating) Leaflet:

Home Safety Leaflet:

Dummy Facts

Measles, Mumps and Rubella

Hib/Men C Vaccine