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Most of us want to continue to live as independently as possible, in our homes, for as long as we can.

There are a number of services to help you do this including: home adaption and equipment and electronic aids to living. A short period of reablement might help you regain confidence and ability in carrying out daily living tasks. Our Occupational Therapists can also help you, and your carer, with advice.

However, we recognise that some of us need support in the home from someone who can help with day to day tasks.  This is sometimes called domiciliary care.

What support at home offers you

These agencies provide a variety of services such as personal care, house cleaning, shopping, and sitting services. Not all agencies provide all services and charges vary between agencies. Some may charge an hourly rate and some may be willing to provide a service for less than an hour. There might also be travelling expenses.

Everyone’s needs are different: some need help every day with a range of tasks such as washing, dressing, going to the toilet, eating, etc. Others might only need help with one or two tasks once a day or even less frequently.

To understand what your needs are and what you want to achieve, we need to carry out a Social Care Assessment.  If you are eligible for our care services, this will allow us to write a Care Plan. This describes how your needs can be met and your objectives achieved as well as what this will cost. If you are not eligible, we will advise on the sort of help you might need and the organisations that can provide it.

If support at home is the best way to meet your needs, then your Care Plan will set out what this entails. We will then obtain the necessary services from our Providers.doc on your behalf.


Not everyone is eligible for our help.  To decide who is, we will look at your financial situation and your level of need. If you are eligible, we will tell you how much money we will ask you to contribute to your care.

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