This Committee is responsible for scrutinising any matters that relate to ensuring strong sustainable communities in Monmouthshire and include topics such as: 

  • Traffic and Road Safety 
  • Cremations and Burials 
  • Litter Strategy  
  • Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking 
  • Open Space Review 

If you would like to become involved in the work of this Committee or to suggest and item for Scrutiny, please feel free to contact either the Chair or the Scrutiny Manager Hazel Ilett or simply come along to one of our meetings.   

County Councillor Lisa Dymock Chair

County Councillor Ann Webb Vice Chair

Committee Members


County Councillor Linda Guppy  

County Councillor Roger Harris  

County Councillor Val Smith  


County Councillor Peter Clarke

County Councillor Tony Easson

County Councillor Jamie Treharne

For further information regarding this committee please visit Strong Communities Select Committee