On 14thApril 2021, the council’s Cabinet agreed to open the statutory consultation process relating to our proposal to establish an all–through school (4-19) on the King Henry VIII School site, with effect from 1stSeptember 2023.

In order to facilitate the establishment of the all–through school in Abergavenny, the Council would cease to maintain Deri View Primary School and King Henry VIII Comprehensive School with effect from 1stSeptember 2023.

As part of the statutory consultation process, the Council published a  consultation document, which provides more detailed information regarding the proposal. The consultation stage of this process concluded on the published closing date of 25thJune 2021.

An Equality Impact Assessment and Welsh Language Impact Assessment has also been undertaken in relation to this proposal.

Publication of the Consultation Report:

The Council has considered the feedback and responses received from consultees during the consultation period, and published a Consultation Report. The consultation report represents the Council’s responsibility in accordance with the School Organisation Code to publish a consultation report that:

  • Provides a summary of the comments / concerns raised by consultees.
  • Responds to these by means of clarification, amendment to the proposal or rejection of the concerns with supporting reasons.
  • Sets out Estyn’s response to the consultation in full and responds to Estyn’s response by means of clarification, amendment to the proposal or rejection of the concerns, with supporting reasons. 

Publication of Statutory Notices:

The Council’s Cabinet will meet on the 6thOctober 2021 to consider the Consultation Report and the recommendations made to them, and decide whether they wish to proceed with the next stages of the statutory processes that are relevant to this proposal. The report to be considered by the Council’s Cabinet can be found here

The Council’s Cabinet determined at this meeting to proceed with the next stages of this statutory process through means of the publication of statutory notices proposing the establishment of a 3-19 school (not 4-19) in response to the feedback received during the consultation stage of this process.

The statutory notices were published on 19th October 2021 and allowed a 28 day window for consultees to submit statutory objections.  The objection period concluded on 17th November 2021, and the Council has produced an Objection Report to provide details of any Statutory Objections received during this window.

Decision on proposals:

On 19th January 2022, the Council’s Cabinet considered the Objection Report and determined to proceed to implement the establishment of an all through (3-19) school on the site of King Henry VIII Comprehensive School with effect from September 2023.

As a result of this decision, the Council will cease to maintain King Henry VIII Comprehensive School and Deri View Primary Schools with effect from 31st August 2023.  A copy of the decision letter delivered to statutory consultees can be found here