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The remit to reintroduce tolls on the Severn Bridges sits with the UK Government, not Monmouthshire County Council.  MCC is not lobbying the UK Government for reintroduction and has no plans to do so.

The Council is currently inviting feedback on its draft Local Transport Plan. The purpose of the consultation is to align proposals with national policies that encourage sustainable transport choices and support modal shift. The draft proposals have been developed following stakeholder consultation. The feedback from the consultation will be used to develop the final proposals to be considered by the Council in the new year.  

The LTP documents a long list of options that could hold significance for Monmouthshire’s transport network and people. This long list was developed comprehensively to consider all potential changes to the transport network and included contributions from local stakeholders and transport industry professionals during workshops. Several options included in the long list of schemes – including the option to reinstate tolls on the Severn bridges – do not meet one or more of the appraisal criteria for inclusion in the shortlisted interventions for delivery. These will not be taken forward as part of the plan but are documented for completeness.

The Draft Local Transport Plan consultation started on 17 November and runs until 5 January. We welcome feedback from anyone interested in supporting the Council in the development of our Local Transport Plan.