We have a statutory duty to secure sufficient and suitable school places for children within the County, and in doing so ensure that resources and facilities are efficiently utilised to deliver the education opportunities that our children deserve.

As part of the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 we have a statutory duty to consult with members of the community and appropriate stakeholders when considering any significant school organisation proposals.

In March 2019, the Council’s Cabinet considered a Cabinet Report and agreed to commense consultation on the proposed closure of Mounton House Special School. A Consultation Document was prepared and issued to all statutory consultees.

On 18th September 2019, the Council’s Cabinet considered the Consultation Report and Cabinet Paper and determined to proceed with the publication of Statutory Notices concerning the proposed closure of the school.  Consultees were provided with 28 days from the date of publication of the statutory notices to submit a statutory objection.

On 8th January 2020, the Council’s Cabinet met to consider the Objection Report and Cabinet Paper and agreed to proceed with the closure of the school with effect from 31st August 2020.  All statutory consultees have been informed through the distribution of the final decision letter.

If you have any  questions regarding the decision that has been made please email strategicreview@monmouthshire.gov.uk