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The purpose of governor services is to provide a professional and accessible service to assist school governors and governing bodies in carrying out their duties.

The service consists of the provision of advice, administrative support and a training and development programme for headteachers, governors and governing bodies. Governor services also provides a clerking service for governing bodies.

Clerks to governing bodies are recruited from within the Directorate of Lifelong Learning and Leisure. Their remit, however, is to work independently on behalf of their assigned governing body.

Governor Services also has responsibility for advising and providing training on Health and Safety, including co-ordinating the approval process for school and youth service trips and visits.

The service co-ordinates the authorities approval of applications for school and youth service trips and visits in accordance with established policies and procedures.

In addition the team monitors customer care standards and freedom of information requests for the directorate.

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There are different types of school governors.
This page explains who is on the governing body and why

  • Headteacher

The headteacher is a member of the governing body by virtue of his or her office. He or she can choose not to be a governor but would be expected to attend meetings to offer advice and information.

  • Parent

A parent governor is a person who is elected as a governor by the parents of registered pupils at the school.

When there is a vacancy for a parent governor, nominations are sought from parents of registered pupils and if there is more than one nomination received, an election is held.

  • Local Education Authority

Local Education Authority Governors are not necessarily county councillors but can be members of a political party. Nominations are sought from county councillors in the school catchment area and from the school.

Monmouthshire has a code of practice for the appointment of LEA governors to ensure that they have the skills necessary and time available to be a governor.

Please view the Code of Practice for the Appointment of LEA Governors

  • Teacher

Teacher governors are elected by their colleagues to represent them on the governing body. Teachers can only be governors whilst employed at the school.

  • Community

Community governors are appointed by the governing body from the local and business community.

  • Minor Authority

These governors are nominated by a community or town council in the area served by the school.

  • Foundation

Foundation governors are members of the governing bodies of voluntary aided, foundation and voluntary controlled schools. They ensure that the school preserves its particular religious character or that it is conducted in accordance with the terms of a trust deed.

  • Staff

These governors represent the support staff at the school and can only be a member of the governing body whilst employed at the school.

  • Partnership

Partnership governors sit on the governing bodies of non-church foundation schools, ie former grant maintained schools. The governing body is responsible for seeking nominations for and appointing partnership governors.

Governors Wales

Governors Wales recognises that governors are accountable for the conduct and standards of schools in Wales. Governors Wales aims to be a support for governors and an advocate for their concerns and interests.