The waste and recycling proposals which have been publicised have created a wealth of discussion. Please find information we hope will answer some of your questions and dispel any fears you may have.


What’s happening with the Household Waste Recycling Centres?

The proposal is to close all sites for 1 or 2 days per week.

The proposal is Usk would close 2 days, Troy would close 2 days and Llanfoist and Five Lanes would close 1 day. The closures would be midweek and we will endeavour to ensure that sites that are closest to each other are open when the other is closed. Eg. Usk and Troy wouldn’t close on the same days.


Will Troy still close for skip movements, will closing for 2 days make the site even busier?

Troy is not an ideal site and there is very little opportunity to improve the lay out. We have invested in better machinery for rolling the skips so hopefully this will speed up the process. We are also proposing to introduce free permits for all MCC residents to stop cross border waste. At present 15% of people using the sites are from out of county. If the sites are only being used by MCC residents we hope that the skip movements will be less.


I’m worried the part time closures will increase fly tipping?

We understand your concerns but have not taken the proposal to lightly. We know that neighbouring counties that have closed sites have not reported an increase in fly tipping.

The sites will still be open a minimum of 50hrs per week and on weekends. The waste team will monitor fly tipping and will use the new legislation allows fixed penalty notices to be issued for small scale fly tipping, we will issue Fixed Penalty Notices and prosecute where fly tipping is discovered.


What are the permits for?

The permits will reduce cross border waste traffic. This is estimated to be around 3000 tonnes of waste every year. The permits will be issued FREE  to every household, can be stored in the car and put on the dash when entering the sites. The permits will mean that site staff can easily identify Monmouthshire residents and challenge everyone else.


What happens if I lose my permit?

If you lose your permit you can show your driving license while you apply for another permit.


Why are you moving to plastic bags for food?

The move to plastic bags is at the request of the food reprocessor. The bags are removed at the front end of the process and sent for Energy to Waste treatment, whether the material is in plastic or starch bags the process is the same. The reprocessor is able to get more food from the plastic bags as it doesn’t stick to plastic like starch. You can also use other plastic bags like old bread bags etc.


Why are you moving to polypropylene bags?

The move to polypropylene will save money on single use bags and improve the quality of the recyclate – the raw material that is sent to be processed.

This will not happen until September and will be phased in to ensure that the right collection system is implemented for different areas, town centres, rural collection points etc.


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