From 1st June 2019 all vehicles entering the HWRC’s need to display a permit proving residence within Monmouthshire to gain entry into the site.  This means that only residents of Monmouthshire will be able to access them.

If a permit is not displayed within a vehicle, a ‘meet and greet’ member of staff will query whether a Monmouthshire resident and whether they have a permit.  As an alternative, a valid driving licence will be requested to prove address.  Non-Monmouthshire residents will be turned away. 

Viridor site staff will then challenge vehicles with no permits displayed.

Why are permits being introduced?

Permits are being introduced due to many non-Monmouthshire residents using the Recycling Centres.  The sites are funded by Monmouthshire council tax payers and therefore should only be used by them. 

Monmouthshire County Council have investigated working with other local authorities to jointly fund sites so they can be used by their residents as well but have so far been unsuccessful.  We continue to liaise with other local authorities to investigate an alternative solution.

Do I need to pay for my permit?

No. The permit is provided free of charge.

Displaying my permit

Residents will need to display their permit within the front windscreen of their car when they visit so site staff can easily see them.  This will reduce the time a visit takes.  The permit can be stored within the glove box of the car until the need arises to display it. 

If a permit is forgotten, a valid driving licence is also acceptable as proof of residency.  We do not accept any other documentation as proof of address.

When will I receive my permit?

Permits will be posted out to all residents during the week commencing 20th May 2019.  They should arrive before the 1st June.

I haven’t received a permit…

If you are a Monmouthshire resident and you haven’t received a permit by the 1st June please get in touch with us.  You can use your driving licence until we get a permit to you.

I’m a new resident, how do I get a permit

Please get in touch with us to request a permit.  You can use your driving licence until we get a permit to you.

What happens if I lose my permit?

Please look after your permit as they will not be replaced through loss or damage.  If you do misplace your permit you can use an up to date driving licence displaying a Monmouthshire address instead.  All permits will be renewed just before the expiry date of June 2022.

What if I have more than one vehicle?

We will only supply one permit per household, the permits are transferable between vehicles if you have more than one car.  If a permit is forgotten or lost a valid driving licence displaying a Monmouthshire address is acceptable.

Do I have to book a slot to visit the recycling centre?

Yes, YOU MUST book a slot online before visiting the Recycling Centre and BRING your residents permit/driving licence with you otherwise you not be allowed to access the site. Vehicles who have not booked in prior to arrival will be turned away. Vans and trailers will be allowed in to the Recycling Centres with a prior booking via the Van/trailer form below. You must book a van/trailer slot before visiting the Recycling Centre. Vehicles who have not booked in prior to arrival will be turned away. To book visit:

What happens if I move?

If you move within Monmouthshire, please take your permit with you and continue to use it from your new address. 

If you move outside of Monmouthshire we request that you please leave the permit at your old residence for the new occupants to use.