**All Household Waste Recycling Centres are closed until further notice.**

Mitchel Troy – Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Located – Off the B4293, Mitchel Troy, Monmouth, NP25 4HX

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5:50pm

Closed: Monday and Thursday.

During certain periods the Recycling Centre can be very busy, resulting in frequent site closures for skip exchanges. We appreciate that this can cause frustration for residents. Here you will find information about why these closures are necessary and what we are doing to try and reduce the impact on residents.


Why does the site close so frequently?

At peak periods the amount of waste (particularly Green Waste) increases considerably, which results in skips having to be changed or compacted more regularly. The site is too small to accommodate the skip vehicle operation and other vehicles. HSE (Health & Safety Executive) guidance advises that the public should be restricted during these times.

Why can’t I bring in waste when you are changing skips?

HSE guidelines state that the general public and moving plant must not be in the same vicinity and the site must therefore be closed during skip exchanges and during other operational activity like rolling/compacting waste.

Monmouth needs a bigger recycling centre?

The location and topography of the current site means there is no room for expansion. The council has a statutory duty to provide one facility for the whole of Monmouthshire and we currently provide two main facilities and two satellite facilities. There is no available budget for a new facility and obtaining planning and permitting for waste sites is not guaranteed. Our main sites at Llanfoist and Five Lanes (Caerwent) have been designed to allow skip movements to be carried out without closing the sites and we recommend residents use these sites if the satellite sites are closed.

Why is the site closed for such a long time when changing skips?

Unfortunately due to the size of the site and limited access, changing skips is not a quick process and requires the site to be closed to the public.

The process for skip exchanges at Mitchel Troy is as follows:

  1. Skip vehicle informs site that they are due to arrive
  2. Site staff close the gate, put out signage and send out email notification to public who are signed up to receive email notifications
  3. Site staff clear site of residents and vehicles (10 mins)
  4. Lorry arrives and unloads empty skip (5 mins)
  5. Lorry picks up full skip and moves out of bay (10 mins)
  6. Lorry picks up empty skip and moves into bay (10 mins)
  7. Lorry picks up full skip, completes paper work and leaves (5 mins)
  8. Site staff reopen site and take down signage (5mins)

Because the site is small it makes all movements of skips very difficult. When the skips not in bays are removed they are often blocked in by other skips that need to be moved first. The non-bay skips may also need rolling (compacting) and are put into the bay for rolling between points 5 and 6 above. If everything runs smoothly the operation takes approximately 45 mins but can be up to 1 hour.

Why can’t I park and wait for the site to re-open?

The police have informed us that there must be no queuing vehicles blocking the highway. The Monmouthshire waste and grounds depot is adjacent but is in frequent use and is covered by the same HSE guidance. The entrance road into the site gets blocked if cars queue on it and makes it impossible for the skip vehicle to egress causing longer closures.

Can’t you close at specific times for skip movements every day?

The waste management company is contracted to open the site between 8am and 5:50pm. The Council accept that they may need to close several times per day to exchange skips during peak periods. Skips fill at different rates and it is almost impossible to predict when each of the skips will be full. Weather plays a big part but sporting events, cultural events and holidays all impact on the amount of waste going into the sites.

We could contract them to close between certain hours to move skips but this does not guarantee that skips won’t fill between these hours and become unusable. It is inevitable that the skips that will become full first, are the skips that the public will want to use most. On rainy days when there are very few closures it would mean the site is closed unnecessarily.

Specific closure times would mean that residents would be unable to dispose of materials where skips are overflowing outside of these hours. The site would also be much busier during the guaranteed opening hours and would create waiting times and large volumes of traffic likely to cause highway issues. We can only remove one skip at a time and these are taken to Abergavenny to be bulked with material at Llanfoist so “block closures” would be impractical.

What solutions are you looking at?

We have looked at a wide range of options but as yet none deliver an ideal solution:-

Web notification of closures – this is already available –

You can see updates of when the site is closed on our website – click here

Or get updates on our dedicated facebook page

Issues with this system:-

Residents may have left home before notification arrives. Not all residents are online. For more information about this service see the last question.

Text notification of closure – Similar issues to web notifications and the cost of communicating by text is much more than by email.

Live CCTV/web cam – only shows what’s happening before you leave the house, does not alert residents to imminent closures and the internet access is unreliable.

Guaranteed opening hours – Opening hours would be busy and create waiting times and large volumes of traffic likely to cause highway issues. Full skips would not be available for residents to use. Unable to arrange third party contractors at short notice. To ensure ALL skips available for entire period, opening hours would be considerably restricted.

Phone line directly to site – no office based staff on site to answer calls.

Web update directly from site – unreliable Wi-Fi service on site; would rely on operative on site to update and Contractor does not have access to update Council webpages.

Close site completely/close during peak times – Our main sites at Llanfoist and Five Lanes are available but would increase some residents travelling times

Signpost residents to alternative facilities – Signposts at site give alternative facilities. The website explains that the summer period is very busy at Mitchel Troy and can lead to unexpected site closures. The website provides the details of alternative sites.

Resident Only Permits – This would reduce cross border traffic and site usage but residents may forget permits and be turned away.

Move skips at specific times during the day – we could restrict the length of opening hours but on a string of rainy days this is likely to mean that we are closed unnecessarily.

Can I be notified of site closures?

You can see updates of when the site is closed on our website – click here

Or get updates on our dedicated facebook page