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Why do we have to separate our glass into a recycling box?
Keeping the glass out of the recycling bags ensures that we get better quality recycling. Materials that are collected separately are more easily recycled and are more valuable to re-processors. When our recycling materials are of good, clean quality, they can be recycled into higher value products.

Do I have to pay for my box?
No, all residents will be supplied with a container for their glass for free.

What type of glass can I put in the recycling box?
We can collect all types of glass bottles and jars. We cannot collect any sheet glass from windows or greenhouses, Pyrex or crockery, or drinking glasses (all these materials can be recycled at our recycling centres).

Do the glass containers have to be washed first?
Yes please, rinsing them first to remove any liquid or food waste helps our collection crews and reprocessors. It also keeps your box clean.

Do I need to remove the lids from the bottles and jars?
It’s preferable but not essential to remove the lids. Leave the lids in the glass the box. The lids will be recycled with the glass.

Where do I put broken glass?
To avoid injury, broken glass should be carefully wrapped in paper and placed in your rubbish bag.

What if a glass bottle breaks when I am filling my box?
If glass breaks when filling the box, don’t worry we will collect it.

Can I have more than one recycling box?
Yes, if you cannot manage with one box and need a second recycling box please visit your local community hub who will happily supply you with an additional box or contact 01633 644 644 or email if you are unable to visit a community hub.

Can I have a lid for the box?
Sorry we are unable to provide lids for the glass boxes. Lids/nets are normally provided for recycling boxes when they contain materials that may blow away or be damaged by getting wet.

Will my box fill up with rainwater?
The boxes have small holes in each corner so that rainwater can drain away. Bottles and jars can be placed in the box upside down/lying down to prevent them filling with water.

The glass recycling box is too large for me to carry.
For elderly or disabled residents who are unable to carry a glass recycling box, we can offer a smaller box with one handle for ease of carrying.

Why have some residents been given a different type of glass recycling box?
Residents living in a flat or sheltered housing complex may be provided with a smaller glass recycling box with a handle (similar to food waste box). Some sheltered housing complexes may be provided with a larger communal bin specifically for glass.

What happens to the glass once it has been collected?

Our collection crews take the glass containers to our transfer stations at Llanfoist and Five Lanes and it is transported to a reprocessor in Cwmbran where the glass is sorted and then used to make new glass products and insulation.

What about glass from my business?
Businesses who are registered with us for commercial red and purple recycling bag collections, can request boxes for glass.

Can I still put glass in my purple recycling bags?
No sorry, we will be unable to collect recycling bags that contain glass. Our crews have been told to leave these bags and to place stickers on them explaining the reason why.

What if my bags have been stickered?
If your bags have been stickered, please remove the glass or other unwanted items and we will collect your sorted recycling on the next collection round.

What is the box made of?
The box is made from 75% recycled plastic material.

What is the capacity of the box?
The box has a 44 Litre capacity.