Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste on to land that has no license to accept waste. Fly-tipping can be dangerous, pollute land and waterways and costs the tax payer significant amounts of money to clear away.  If you are caught you will be prosecuted and fined.

Waste might include:

  • electrical goods
  • furniture
  • building waste
  • chemicals
  • household or commercial waste

Duty of Care

Remember – if you are asking a third party (e.g. a builder or contractor) to dispose of waste on your behalf, you must ensure they are a registered waste carrier. You are responsible for checking they are registered, so always ask to see their certificate.

Always get a receipt confirming what they have taken, where they will dispose of it and details of any payment made. Make a note of their name, vehicle type and registration and the date they took the waste away.

Details of registered waste carriers can be found on Natural Resources Wales website.

For more information please download the following leaflets

Fly-tipping on private land is the responsibility of the land owner to clear it.

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