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Usk Playground


Before and in the planning



We were approached by ‘Usk Play Project’ a group of people who were getting increasingly frustrated with their tired old playground.  They had, identified the need for a new and improved facility.  They sought something which would attract children of all ages.  At a time when we are constantly reminded of the need to exercise, this would provide children with a safe place to run around and play freely.

There was a big fund raising effort by both residents and businesses.  Without the help and support of residents of all ages the project could not have gone ahead.  The fact that it did shows what can be achieved in a community with everyone on board.

Monmouthshire County Council was approached and asked to help.  We utilised our expertise from the initial consultation stages, liaising with the different investors of both time and funding, right through to the design, installation, surfacing and final landscaping of the project.   A grand opening event was held and attended by a large number of people of all ages.

All the playground equipment we use meets the required BS EN1176 playground equipment standard, and we ensure all our workers are fully trained to a high standard.  Below are pictures from the beginning of the project through to the finished playground.

The fun finished playground